Sunday, February 28, 2010


If you are like most digital camera users and have files and files full of photos, but spend way to much time looking for just the right one, or if you have several different digital image programs on your computer, maybe it's time to simplify with Picasa.

One of the many free Google tools available on the web, Picasa is the easiest and most intuitive/user friendly program I have found to organize and manage digital images. Photo thumbnails are always visible and are listed by the date they were taken (and you can change details like this if you find that your photos were stored with the wrong dates attached). There is a very cool "timeline" feature that lets you scroll through your images by date. You can tag items so they are easily searchable, create web albums to share with friends and family, manage the printing process, upload and order prints online. It is a very feature rich program.

In addition to the organizational features, Picasa also includes all the basic photo editing tools that most people need for everyday use. There is even a magic "auto correct" button that lets Picasa decide what to change for you. But don't worry - Picasa always saves the unedited original for you in case you don't like the edits you make.

I can't say enough good things about this program - I don't know what I'd do with out it.

Friday, February 26, 2010

wilujengan boyong kedathon

The commemoration of the founding of Surakarta. Dated back from its first establishment in the year of 1745, Surakarta has now been 265 years old. There will be a macapat reading telling about the history of the Surakarta palace movement from Kartasura to a small village called Sala. The event is followed, then, by “kenduri” (religious memorial banquet).

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Sekaten is held to commemorate the Prophet of Muhammad SAW’s birthday. In Sekaten celebration there are various shows and souvenirs sale and also various handicrafts. The visitor can also see the palace’s heirlooms exhibition which located in Surakarta palace exhibition. The peak of the Sekaten celebration is turning up of Gunungan from Surakarta palace to the Great Mosque (Grebeg Maulud)

Monday, February 22, 2010


deepwood is a highly-touted Columbus restaurant that I had not yet sampled before yesterday. The lunch menu allowed me an opportunity to experience DeepWood and its vegetarian fare without breaking the bank.

DeepWood is captained by Brian Pawlak, a chef with an impressive pedigree consisting of stints in New Jersey, Boston, New York and Ohio. Pawlak applies his skills to a menu that offers many options for vegetarians.

The dinner menu one-ups my favorite restaurant characteristic: instead of marking vegetarian choices on the menu, DeepWood actually features a separate vegetarian menu! Vegetarian symbols on a menu make me happy; a separate vegetarian menu actually brings a tear to my eye because I get so ecstatic.

My starter was mozzarella-stuffed saffron risotto fritters. They were served with a smoked paprika aioli dip, adding a deep charred flavor that made the cheesy fried puffs sing with flavor. The fritters were absolutely dynamic.

My entree was gnocchi with roasted mushrooms, spinach and pumpkin in a brown butter sage sauce. The gnocchi were soft, and they picked up subtle nuances of the vegetables as well as the herbal undertones of the seasoning. The pumpkin adds an understated sweetness to the pasta. The dish is delicious.

Other vegetarian options on the lunch menu include the house salad and the vegetable sandwich, which is made with mushrooms, roasted peppers, arugala and goat cheese topped with a balsamic reduction. The soup of the day was a vegetarian pumpkin cream soup.

The bread basket was outstanding. The pistachio date bread was more savory than I expected it to be on first inspection. The sesame- and poppy-seed encrusted lavash bread was also delightful.

The staff was attentive and capable. The server was excellent at addressing vegetarian concerns, and he stated that DeepWood was able to cater to diners with vegan and gluten-restricted needs in addition to those who are vegetarians.
In addition to the lunch and dinner menus, DeepWood also offers a tavern menu. The tavern menu is mainly aimed at those dining at the bar or in the lower-key front room.

The by-the-glass wine list features an interesting array of selections from the Old and New World. The bottle selections are not encyclopedic, but the list is made up of enough interesting selections to keep the beverage selection fun. The beer selections are equally interesting, with choice options like J.W. Lee's Lagauvulin Cask Ale in bottles and Founder's Breakfast Stout on tap. There are also numerous cocktail options at DeepWood.

The restaurant's decor is beautiful. The dining room is designed like a forest, with wooded imagery marking the tables, the walls and the ceiling of the restaurant.

Overall, prices at DeepWood are expensive. Considering the quality of the experience, however, the cost is worth it. The lunch and tavern menus are noticeably cheaper than the dinner menu.

The hype about DeepWood is well deserved. Considering its commitment to vegetarianism, DeepWood should give meatless gourmands another destination in Columbus in addition to Dragonfly and Alana's.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

typical mountain Grebeg ceremony

Garebeg ceremony held in the Sultanate of Yogyakarta 3 times a year in Shawwal, the month and the month of the calendar Maulud Java, coincided with the major holidays of Islam. Garebeg Maulud ceremony held every 12 months Maulud date - which coincided with the beginning of the month Jumadil Islamic calendar, is the peak Sekaten celebration held in Yogyakarta Sultanate Palace to commemorate the birthday of Prophet Muhammad Salallahu 'Allaah be upon him.

Characteristic Gerebeg ceremony marked by the display of charity hajad palace or a large cone-shaped offerings are made of various foodstuffs, such as glutinous rice, eggs, bebuahan and vegetables. Because of its shape resembling a mountain, these offerings later given the name Mount, which symbolizes prosperity and welfare and the people of Yogyakarta Sultanate.

Mount Charity is one form of salvation offerings that are specifically made for display in the village or salvation wilujengan under its main hajad in organizing every Garebeg Maulud ceremony. Usually, there are 6 kinds Mount, namely: Mount Question Wadon Mount, Mount Gepak, Gunungan Dharat Gunungan Pawuhan and always presented in each Garebeg Maulud, and Mount Kutug presented only once every 8 years at Dal Garebeg Maulud year.

Mound is always displayed in Garebeg ceremony, is one form of expression Javanese symbolism associated with fertility, agrarian culture following magical properties. In ancient times, Mount made in Garebeg Maulud can reach 30 pieces, consisting of 10 Mount Question 4 Mount Wadon fruits, 4 fruit Pawuhan Mount, Mount Dharat fruit 4, and 8 fruit Mount Gepak. For that, the palace made a pair of buildings called Panti Pareden on page Kemagangan, which is specially used to make the Mount.

Mount-making process begins with a ceremony at the orphanage Tumplak Wajik Kemagangan page Pareden held 2 days before the execution of Garebeg Maulud, in the afternoon after Asr Prayer. The ceremony is accompanied by various offerings offerings this is a form of salvation ceremony to reject the possibility of interference during the process of making Mount.

In ancient times, this ceremony must be witnessed by one of his superiors or Pengageng Palace which became envoy of Sultan. The palace courtiers who served in the manufacture of special Gunungan must in a state of purity and comply with various restrictions, including the obligation to perform the ritual of fasting and a number of specific first. Along with the development, some ritual traditions seem increasingly simplified, as the Mount which is no longer as much in the past.

Ceremony Tumplak Wajik primarily to manufacture Mount Wadon that became a symbol of fertility in the process of creation. It is dedicated to the wide range of offerings related to traditional cosmetics such as mirrors, combs, warranty or herbal powder, betel leaves, and cloth and cloth semekan or chest. While as a safety guard, presented an ancient motif fabric named Wake tulak, which is believed to have magical powers to refuse reinforcements.

Wajik Tumplak ceremony is always accompanied by music kothekan or gejogan, a noise caused by hitting or beating the mortar pestle for pounding rice, Kenthongan, and various tools made of wood. Tetabuhan has unique songs and rhythms such as Lompong Gendhing It looks, Tundhung Satan and Owal-awil, which has a magical meaning as repellent reinforcements.

Although in one year, the palace ceremony held three times Garebeg, but this Wajik Tumplak ceremony held only 2 times, in months and months of Maulud only.

After the ceremony finished Tumplak Wajik, Mount-making process is continued for 2 days until the eve of the execution ceremony Garebeg Maulud.

A number of traditional ritual procession of increasingly simplified and perhaps it is no longer Mount sekhidmat antiquity. But public enthusiasm and hope to get a blessing from the Mount is still there, including during the manufacturing process.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Nap, solutions to overcome drowsiness during the day

When we do activities and we feel sleepy all day, sleep for a while will be able to help you feel more refreshed. By napping, solutions to overcome drowsiness during the day can we face, but there are some things we need to know to take a nap. Here are some tips nap:
- The ideal nap is about 10-15 minutes, but even 5 minutes would be able to make us more fresh and your mind will be sharper too. Sleeping more than 15 minutes also helps, but we will feel nervous when i wake up. And more than 30 minutes will be able to disturb our sleep that night.
- Take a nap every day at the same time so that the body will get used to the routine. If we are afraid to sleep first time, use or alaram phone for help and even our friends.
- Do not take a nap at the end of the day or fall asleep in front of the TV. Do not use our nap instead of sleep the night if we have trouble sleeping at night.

That's some napping tips, solutions to overcome drowsiness throughout the day. May be useful for us.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Point 2 Sex Mistakes Men Who Often

1. Men think women are not sebergairah men.
Men feel they have more sexual drive than women, but in some cases these opinions could be wrong. The reason why he remains a major instigator of sexual, nothing to do with passion. The fact that other factors often become a major influence. Because, women are more responsible for housework, and generally do not like to delay the work. That is why women feel tired more quickly. Hormones also affect libido in women, meaning a woman's sex drive is less constant. However, women preferred to be in the sex-specific time, not every time. Proved, he can be aroused just by imagining sex, while women are more aroused by the sensation. That is, women slightly less excited when he started having sex, but it will heat up so aroused.

If men want to spend time to understand and meet the needs of women, they will be surprised at the strength of women.

2. Men assume women want more romance, not sex.
As with men, wanitapun pleased with wild sex in bed. Women also are more aroused by explicit fantasies, rather than relationships.

Women can be as wild even to a man, you know! Stigma that is, men were more excited in bed, while women do not. Actually, sex is multidimensional, and everything associated with about temaramnya bedroom lights, then began a heavy touch of romance to have sex.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Series Fact: Exposure to the male sex

The following piece is a small record collection of facts from various sources. Implied some facts so that a series of facts will be divided into several writing this while on the series will reveal facts in the male sex.

Here is info for the men:
- Some men want to have sex every day (seven days a week), but in fact three times should suffice
- The man who does not smoke can make sexual activity more than twice as active compared with men who smoke. In fact, they gained satisfaction was also higher.
- The speed / rate of ejaculation in men average about 45 km / hour.
- Losing weight affects the size of male genitals. If their weight down 15 pounds so their genitals will be longer 2.5cm
- Male sexual organs can 'wake up' four to five times while sleeping.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Clean Water = Beautiful Skin

Drink 8 glasses of water a day keeps our bodies working properly. In addition to healthy, water was also able to maintain the beauty longer than necessary.
Water that has benefits for this beauty is not a haphazard air. Known as the thermal spring water. This water does not come from the earth, but from the drops of rain that seeped into the soil and continue to remain for centuries. After a long stored, this water then came to the ground in the form of thermal springs. Thermal = have warmer temperatures than normal spring.

Dahsyat Khasiatnya
Warmth is not only the greatness of this thermal water. Because they have been stored for centuries in the ground, and through the rocks in the soil, this water also contains minerals and is also a very rich microorganisme benefits. Water is a very healthy and has a healing power. Therefore the experts were using it to different treatments: Jacuzzi, mud bath, sauna, massage and spa.

Benefits for skin
Modern life which is too busy and exhausting, making the body and skin we lack many important elements: mineral salts, vitamins, and magnesium. The experts proved that all the missing elements can be replaced by water on this one. The water from thermal spring water is able to balance the body's condition.
Striking difference between normal water (water wells) with thermal spring water. Ordinary water has no energy. While thermal spring water contain minerals plus a living plankton and carry energy.
From thermal spring water has the ability to maintain balance himself, purifies himself and very healthy. So can imagine how the great benefits of this applied to the face and body treatments.

Bathroom With Cold Water
This activity should not be taken lightly. Included in choosing a soap bath. Choose a mild soap or a mild soap (listed on the packaging). This also applies to oily skin. Do not be tempted to use soap alkalinya rate is high (usually a very abundant foam) because it will remove your skin's natural moisture. Maybe you prefer a gentle fragrance. Liquid soap can also be an option. After that, rinse until clean. Foam that remains can make the skin itch. Sometimes a mild soap can be used also for the face. But if after wearing face seemed drawn, especially when smiling, it means that the soap is not suitable for the face.
Soaking in warm water and foam is comfortable, but this would remove the skin's natural moisture. As a result the skin so dry, dull and scaly. Try a cold shower, the humidity up, the skin was still tight.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Oral Sex Is it dangerous?

Husband and wife who have intercourse with oral sex is usually done to find new variations, for fear of stuck in one routine. Or maybe if the wife is pregnant or are even coming months. Nina (not her real name) with her husband perform oral sex just three times, so there are questions that comes up in the heart Nina; dangerous for the health oral sex?
Dr. L Tobing Naek in a talk show at the Hotel Regent Jakarta, argued, oral sex from time immemorial by ordinary married couples. Just to find a fun and variety as well as a good performer from physical and psychological aspects. "The mouth and tongue is the instrument of the most delicate flattery and the best. Sensitive areas such as behind the ears, around the neck and chest, when touched by the mouth and tongue accompanied by a game, it will feel different when compared with other advances tools, such as for example hand.
One thing to note by the husband and wife have sex during oral sex is a deal between the two couples. Do not just unilateral, but both alike - the same desire. Therefore, after another before wanting these activities can be done. Because if only one-sided only, then the desired result will not achieve optimal happiness. Perform oral sex properly, there is no coercion of one party. Egoism is not appropriate. "Formation enamsembilan, may - may be. The important thing, the mouth and sexual organs of each side clean and healthy. And oral sex will not be harmful to health, hygiene equipment diving VITAS guaranteed ". Dr firm. Naek L Tobing.
As to sperm that may be ingested, with a smile, saying there was no problem. There will be a negative impact on the health of the wife. "In fact some say could increase longevity. Not yet proven biologically, but psychologically it might be. So is the "lubricant" that may be swallowed, will not interfere with the husband's health ".
Thus sexual activity by oral sex is not harmful to health. Origin remember that cleanliness is important, and both parties are husband and wife have to wills, so that the optimal happiness together direguk data. (ddr)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Know Your Fantasy Men

Did you know that every man is often fantasize, this time addressed and you need to know the sexual fantasies.
Fantasy 1
Involving two women
One man got two women. This seems a common fantasy in the minds of men. But do if your partner threesome fantasize that means he's not satisfied with you? Could be that's not why. According to Drs. Michael Perelman, PhD, a sex and marital therapist in New York, it's possible your partner worried about how her performance in bed. These fantasies provide an opportunity for him to break for a while as a responsible person in the bed. In this sexual fantasy he could be a player or just a spectator.
So what should you do without having to carry a third person to realize your fantasy partner? Play an active role to achieve pleasure. You can stimulate yourself while he's just watching or invite him to participate by moving his hand to the body you want to be touched. And as an added ingredient, use in a sexy outfit, certainly added fun.
Fantasy 2
New sex action and hot
He fantasized sex styles she had never done with you. She imagined the two of you having sex in the pool, or try to force "69".
Fantasy gives men the opportunity to practice a new style of sex in a safe place - his mind - before she asks you to try with him. Realizing a fantasy can become an erotic experience, but if you're not ready for the weird, talk about it alone can make berlaju rapid heartbeat. "Sexual organ of the most powerful is the imagination." He said. Bonnie Jacobson, Ph.D., a psychologist in New York. He will be excited just to describe it and listen to his fantasy will feel sexy.
Fantasy 3
Men dominate women
"The man may be hiding in the closet, peeping the woman who was getting ready for bed. He was wearing a sexy underwear, when she was alone. The men controlled the women and forced the woman to have sex with him. However, in the middle instead of the woman continued to struggle even he became aroused and amazed by the man's masculinity and the woman finally gave up. "
"Fantasy is not about rape or violence against women." Stressed Dr. Jamie Corvalán, sexologists and surgeon in Glendale, California. This domination dreams gave him such a boost to his ego. A less powerful man in the office or as decided by her boyfriend usually fantasize about dominating a woman. The man who doubted his relationship with his partner also sometimes have a fantasy like this.
How to soothe your partner who has fantasies like this? "Tell him that you really love and want it," suggested William Pollack Ph.D., a psychologist at Harvard Medical School. How to make him "take" you? Dr. Glass said that in a relationship full of love, if the fantasy was played out in the context of the game and there is no element of torture, okay.
Fantasy 4
Women dominate Men
"The man was a slave woman and do whatever is ordered by the woman. The woman was sexually aggressive, take the initiative and whips and chains may be involved here. "
These fantasies are usually located in the minds of men who have great power in his office. They usually want a little break from the burden to satisfy something in this case you. So what can you do? Hurry to take control once you are ready. Hold the steering wheel. Offer yourself to hold the lead in sex. He can pretend not to and rejected; you are teasing her and she finally submit and surrender.
Fantasy 5
The meeting which just happens to someone who is not known
The fantasy usually involves a woman who found the man on that day, maybe a sexy lady who smiled at him on the train. In the fantasy, they got off the train together and maybe without uttering a word, returned to the house of the woman in sexual intercourse.
The appeal of this fantasy is sex with no ties. There is no fear of disease, pregnancy or emotional responsibility. Fantasy allows him across social boundaries, racial and class without the risk and if he had had a partner, he was not cheating. So do not immediately jealous when your partner has a fantasy like that because although she fantasize like that does not mean he'll make it happen.
If your partner's sexual scenario like this, it could mean he doubted how attractive she was, and fear disappointed. Believe it or not, these fantasies can be translated as your partner wants to be loved completely by you. Men menseksualisasikan they need to get a pure love. Woman of his dreams that fill all their sexual desires and needs, the care and love and accept him as is.
If you can, your spouse make it real fantasy that it serves as a foreigner who could not reject the appeal of your spouse. Go to a restaurant and pretend to not know. Next up to your imagination ...
Fantasy 6
Sex in public places
She imagined the two of you "kasak gossip" in the backyard during a party boss's office.
Wet seized danger is a potent stimulant drug. And some people feel better and better sex when they think there is peeking. If your partner's fantasies excites you, ask him to make it happen. For example, in a park. If big risk just try your backyard. It must be exciting and again a slight variation not hurt.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Smoking And Indonesia

Tobacco or cigarettes the most dangerous for human health. Cigarettes are widely has been one of the biggest causes of death in the world. It is suspected that by the year 2030 deaths from smoking will reach 10 million people annually. So far, the epidemic of smoking has occurred in developed countries. And in the year 2030 is estimated not less than 70 percent of deaths caused by smoking will occur in developing countries. Indonesia is one of the developing countries that have high levels of cigarette consumption and cigarette production is high. Variety of products and cigarette prices in Indonesia have caused Indonesia to be one of the producers and consumers in the world's largest cigarette.

According to the World Bank, Indonesia cigarette consumption of about 6.6% of world consumption. Results SUSENAS (National Socioeconomic Survey) 2001 states that:

* 27% of the population aged over 10 years of smoking in the state last month.
* 54.5% male population are smokers and only 1.2% of women who smoke.
* There is an increase of 4% of the population aged above 10 years who smoked in the 6-year period.
* 92.0% of smokers said smoking habits in the home as with other household members, thus the majority of household members are passive smokers.
* 68.5% of the population started smoking at age 20 increased 8% from the 1995 SUSENAS is 60.0%.
* Increased smoking young age, the age group 25-29 years (75%) and 20-24 year age group (84.0%).

Smoking is a major issue in influencing health, especially for those who work with young children such as teachers, coaches, etc.. From the above data, we actually can see that more and more children under the age of smoking and have increasingly improved. For that, programs should always be improved Regions Without Cigarettes in schools and do outreach and dissemination of information, and coupled with the school policy of banning smoking on school grounds.

Smoking is one of the most difficult addiction stopped it. There are people who successfully quit smoking without making a serious effort, it turned out caused by a very strong intention. People who already smoke recommends that people who do not smoke do not try if you do not want no trouble.

Advantage of people who quit smoking
Within 20 minutes the blood pressure decreases, pulse rate drops to normal, body temperature will be normal again.