Friday, November 20, 2009

TRENDS fashion always repeats itself, but the use of black and white world of fashion as a sweetener was never replaced. Both colors are always a belle.

Philosophy that is the key inspiration in Asmara Barli launch fashion collection at the Fashion Goddess Knights event, at Pacific Place Mall, Thursday (19/11/2009) night. Barley collection quote theme "Fabuleuse, Et Noir Blance".

"Black and white is the perfect color. Two contrasting colors, but can create a different image. Black may be dark and hard. But it can also be exclusive and elegant. Similarly, the white can be soft and pure, but at the the same can be cold and arrogant, "said Barli to Legal.

According to Barli, in a world of color, black and white does not belong in any color group. They called akromatik color or no color. They are not referred to as monochromatic colors of black and white because it stands alone exclusively. They create their own strengths and at the same time present a neutral and in line when juxtaposed with the other colors. In addition, the two colors is used as a determinant of the level of brightness and darkness.

Barley seemed to understand completely the power of black and white. No wonder the 12 couture collection displayed by top models that highlight the country these two elements.

In order for the collection more interesting, Barli many forms display fine line and detail to decorate clothes nicely. So even with architectural lines that make the collection more complete and different from other local designers.

"In the detail, I play a lot with ribbon, sequins, city-boxes, metal studs, and chains. All these details create an impression that romantic, but still aggressive and glamorous," adds a lot Barli use such material tafetta materials, cotton, and tulle.

To improve the collection this time, Barli also brings a new touch of architectural forms, such as architectural Drapery. However, stacked silhouette, pleated, and the volume of games that become the force's collection is not just abandoned. Barli wanted his collection to the closing years of being a belle.

The oxytocin Make Hot Orgasm

WHEN achieve orgasm, the sensation of pleasure can not be disclosed. However, do you orgasm psychological effect on the body?

When you successfully reach the peak of sexual pleasure, automatically increases endorphin hormones. Immense joy and thrill that arises, therefore, can menurukan stress levels.

When women reach the Big O, can facilitate the menstrual cycle, blocking breast cancer, and balancing appetite womanhood.

Based on the news Knows She quoted from, oxytocin is the main hormone your body that are released during orgasm in progress. This hormone also gave no measurable sensation as the body in a state of tense ".

Oxytocin acts as a neurotransmitter and plays a key role in facilitating uterine contractions during labor and help women while breastfeeding.

In a study that recently found show, the hormone oxytocin also plays an important role to provide sexual arousal. Not only that, these hormones can also increase confidence and reduce fear.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

shopping tips

Here are tips on smart shopping is simple and can help you develop healthy habits, among others:

1. Reduce the purchase of goods whose value decreases
Spend your money on goods whose value increases. Most people shopping on goods whose value was so used up as, food, clothing, or its value decreases as electronic goods and consumer goods other. As long as you are able to distinguish between wants and needs of the shopping is a reasonable thing to do and go beyond just hungry eyes

2. Little stuff means a lot
Often we do not feel out of money to buy cigarettes, buy a snack or just coffee-coffee. Naturally, if we forget for a small amount and has become a habit. The danger is that a daily habit, we forget that the small amount that if we calculate the number so large a year, too. Obviously the amount will be doubled if more invested.

3. Keep your total installment debt below 30% of salary
The habit of people in general are using nearly 90% of monthly income to finance the household shopping needs. What happens if you have a home loan repayment, car or credit card spend 50% of the revenue? Where you have to meet the needs of the household shopping. You might get a loan here and there to mencover household needs. Therefore if you have debt, keep your total loan repayment amount per month is not more than than 30% of your income, so that the remaining 70% can be used to cover household needs.

4. Credit card is not more money
Credit cards often make us richer than the truth. Limit credit card to make us feel like having more cash. Though the credit card limit is not given for free. Once we use it we must return it, and if you can not afford to pay in full then you will be charged interest. Karean it for everyday spending pay with cash or ATM card or your debit card. Keep your credit card for emergencies, as a quick source of funds but an emergency when cash is not available.

5. Have a reserve fund
Sometimes though people already have a budget, nevertheless penetrated. This is usually because there is no routine expenses or unexpected that is not included in the budget. For example there are relatives to borrow money, giving a birthday gift, a donation of marriage, and others. Usually to pay for this unexpected pengeluran we are forced to take deposits from savings or time deposit or a credit card. If this happens constantly as a result of your investment goals can not be achieved because the funds are always used. Therefore form a reserve fund of at least 2 or 3 times your family spend per month to pay for sudden expenses that are not routine. If your income is not regular or not stable then form a larger reserve fund again. Before you invest for any financial purpose, make sure you have established this reserve funds first.

smoking and health

SMOKING distemper, the fact is we can not deny. Many diseases have proven to be bad consequences of smoking, either directly or indirectly.

Smoking not only harm the smoker, but also for those around him.

SMOKE cigarettes are pollutants for humans and the environment. Not only for health, smoking also cause problems in the economic field. In advanced industrial countries, there is now a tendency to stop smoking, whereas in developing countries, particularly Indonesia, tend to arise even increased smoking.

Through resolution 1983, the World Health Organization (WHO) has set May 31 as World Tobacco Free Day every year.

WHO report in 1983 said, the number of smokers increased 2.1 percent per year in developing countries, whereas in developed countries this figure dropped by 1.1 percent per year.

Studies in Jakarta showed that 64.8 percent of men and 9.8 percent of women with age above 13 years were smokers. In fact, the youth group, 49 percent of male students and 8.8 percent of female students in Jakarta was smoking.

Study in Semarang in 1973 by Prof. Boedi Darmojo get smoking prevalence at 96.1 percent of the pedicab driver, paramedic 79.8 percent, 51.9 percent of civil servants, and 36.8 percent of physicians.

In a study conducted by Prof. Soewondo Soesmalijah UI Psychology Department, which asked the number of people who do not stop smoking, obtain answers that when not smoking, will be hard to concentrate, anxiety, even fat, whereas if smoked, will feel more mature and can ideas arise or inspiration. Psychological factors and this is what a lot of physiological influence of smoking habits in the community.

Cigarette smoke is inhaled the smoke contains gases and particulate components. Particles are released during smoking as much as 5 x 109 pp. Gas component comprises carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen cyanide, ammonia, oxides of nitrogen and hydrocarbons. The particle component consisting of tar, nicotine, benzopiren, phenol, and cadmium.

Impact of lung
Smoking can cause changes in the structure and function of airways and lung tissue. In large airways, mucous cells enlarge (hypertrophy) and increased mucus glands many (hyperplasia). In the small airways, mild inflammation due to increased cell constriction and mucus buildup. In lung tissue, an increase in the number of inflammatory cells and damage to the alveoli.

As a result of changes in airway anatomy, the smokers will arise changes in lung function with all sorts of clinical symptoms. This became the main basis of the occurrence of chronic pulmonary obstructive disease (PPOM).

It says smoking is the cause of PPOM, including pulmonary emphysema, chronic bronchitis, and asthma.

The relationship between smoking and lung cancer have been investigated in the last decade 4-5. Found a close relationship between cigarette smoking, particularly cigarettes, with the incidence of lung cancer. There is even expressly stated that the cigarettes as the main cause of lung cancer.

Cigarette smoke particles, such as benzopiren, dibenzopiren, and uretan, known as a carcinogen. Tar is also associated with risk of cancer. Compared with non-smokers, the possibility arises of lung cancer in smokers reach 10-30 times more often.

Impact on the heart
Many studies have shown the existence of the relationship of smoking with coronary heart disease (CHD). Of 11 million deaths per year in industrialized countries, the WHO reports that more than half (6 million) due to disturbance of blood circulation, in which 2.5 million were coronary heart disease and stroke is 1.5 million. MOH survey in 1986 and 1992, have increased deaths from heart disease of 9.7 per cent (ranked third) to 16 percent (first rank).

Smoking is a major factor in causing cardiovascular disease is. Not only cause of coronary heart disease, smoking is bad for the brain blood vessels and peripheral.

The exhaled smoke of smokers smoke can be divided into primary (main stream smoke) and smoke the side (side stream smoke). The main smoke is tobacco smoke is inhaled directly by smokers, whereas the addition of smoke is tobacco smoke spread into the atmosphere, which would be inhaled by another person or passive smokers.

4000 species have been found chemicals in cigarettes, with 40 species of them are carcinogenic (can cause cancer), in which toxic substances are more available in addition to smoke, such as carbon monoxide (CO) 5 times more common in addition to smoke than The main smoke, benzopiren 3 times, and ammonia 50 times. These materials can last for several hours in a room after smoking stops.

Generally the focus of research directed at nicotine and CO roles. Both these materials, in addition to increased oxygen demand, also disrupt the oxygen supply to the heart muscle (myocardial) infarction job detriment.

Nicotine interfere with the sympathetic nervous system due to increased myocardial oxygen demand. Besides smoking causes addiction, nicotine also stimulates the release of adrenaline, increased frequency of heart rate, blood pressure, cardiac oxygen demand, and cause heart rhythm disturbances. Nicotine also affect the nerves, brain, and many other body parts.

Nicotine activates platelets by platelet adhesion due to the emergence of (clotting) into the blood vessel wall.

Desaturasi cause carbon monoxide hemoglobin, reducing the oxygen supply directly to the entire body, including tissue infarction. CO replaces the oxygen in hemoglobin, disrupt the release of oxygen, and accelerate atherosclerosis (Calcification / thickening of the walls of blood vessels). Thus, reducing CO physical exercise capacity, increased blood viscosity, which makes blood clotting.

Nicotine, CO, and other substances in cigarette smoke damage the endothelial proven (in the blood vessel wall), and facilitate the emergence of blood clotting.

In addition, cigarette smoke affects the fat profile. Compared with non-smokers, total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, and triglyceride blood smokers is higher, whereas HDL cholesterol is lower.

Smoking is proven to be the biggest risk factor for sudden death.
Risk of coronary heart disease increased 2-4 times in smokers compared with nonsmokers. This risk increases with age and the number of cigarettes smoked. Research shows that smoking risk factors work synergistically with other factors, such as hypertension, levels of fat or high blood sugar, the outbreak of CHD.

Please note that the risk of death from coronary heart disease decreases by 50 percent in the first year after smoking was stopped.

As a result of clotting (thrombosis) and Calcification (atherosclerotic) vessel wall, smoking will certainly damage the peripheral blood vessels.

PPDP involving arteries and veins in the leg or arm is often found in young adult heavy smoker, often will end up with amputation.

Disease (stroke)
Brain blood vessel blockage emergent or stroke associated with smoking a lot. Risk of stroke and death risk higher in smokers compared with nonsmokers.

In a study conducted in the United States and the UK, acquired the habit of smoking increases the likelihood of the emergence of AIDS in HIV. In the smoker group, AIDS emerged in an average of 8.17 months, whereas in non-smokers group arose after 14.5 months. Immune decline in smokers initiated more easily affected by AIDS so that quitting smoking is very important in defensive measure against AIDS.

Now more and more investigated and reported the ill effects of smoking on pregnant women, impotence, decreased immune individuals, including people with viral hepatitis, gastrointestinal cancer, and others.

From the point of health economics, the impact of diseases caused by smoking will certainly increase costs, both for individuals, families, companies, even countries.

Diseases caused by smoking affects the supply of labor, particularly skilled labor or executive power, with the sudden death or disability arising out clearly caused large losses for the company. Decrease in labor productivity raises the company's earnings decline, also the economic burden that is not less for individuals and families. Expenditures for health care cost increases, for families, companies, and government.

It should attempt to stop smoking is the duty and responsibility of all levels of society.
Information and counseling, particularly among the younger generation, can also be associated with the dangers of narcotics control efforts, the school health efforts, and public health education in general.

Model figures of society, including officials, religious leaders, teachers, health workers, artists, and sportsmen, they should be an example by not smoking.

Health professions, particularly doctors, play a very important role in counseling and be an example for society. Smoking habits in the doctor should immediately be stopped. They are important exemplars: they do practice what they preach.

Also need opportunities restrictions on smoking in public places, schools, public transportation, and workplaces; regulation and control of cigarette promotional ads; put health warnings on cigarette packs and cigarette advertisements.

Climate not smoking should be created. This must be carried out simultaneously by us all, who wants the achievement of the Indonesian nation state and a healthy and prosperous.

Monday, November 16, 2009

benefits of exercise in the morning

Many people choose to exercise in the afternoon and evening because I wanted to avoid the heat or only have time at the moment. But according to research proved the best sport is in the morning. Want to know why? Many people who have not realized that the exercise in the morning is very useful for overall fitness and weight-loss process. Although only exercise run or walk for 10 minutes every day, still can provide great benefits for the body. To get the body healthy and fit does not have to be expensive and go to the gym. Many sports simple and cheap, but still healthy and can provide great benefits to the body. Here's the benefits that can be obtained when exercising in the morning, as quoted from Health24, 1. Morning exercise can raise morale and keep your metabolism so it can burn more calories throughout the day. Based on research in the morning exercise can burn calories, 2 to 3 times more than any other time. It also can help regulate your appetite for moderation. 2. We sleep all the hormones involved in the increased activity, so the body will feel more active and fresh in the morning. Although only mild exercise walking distance great enough to resist fatigue. Also makes the mind is sharper for 4 to 10 hours after exercise and increased natural energy far more effective in the long run compared to a cup of coffee. 3. Improving the quality of sleep becomes more soundly throughout the night. If exercise at night makes a person become hard to sleep tonight in peace. Sport in the morning also helps regulate the body's biological clock to be normal. 4. Having a more regular exercise schedule because it has a bit of trouble. If you've used to get up early so there are no obstacles for not exercising, but if sports day or night may be get disturbance to go with friends or are tired of working all day. From now on there's nothing wrong took little time in the morning to do sports like running or just strolling around the yard.

Monday, November 9, 2009


Keris is a typical Indonesian stabbing weapon. Based on ancient documents, the keris in preliminary form has been used since the 9th century. Strong likelihood that the keris has been used before that time. Indonesian Culture Minister Jero Wacik has brought the keris to UNESCO and requested assurance that this is the cultural heritage of Indonesia.

The use of the keris itself scattered in clumps community Malays. At present, the keris commonly known in the area of Indonesia (especially in the areas of Java, Madura, Bali / Lombok, Sumatra, part of Borneo, and some of Sulawesi), Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, and Philippines (particularly in the Mindanao region). In Mindanao, the form of weapon which is also called the keris is not much resemblance but also a stabbing weapon.

Keris has a variety of forms, for example, there is a winding blade (berbilang always odd) and some are straight bladed. Javanese people assume different forms have different effects esoteri.

Besides being used as a weapon, the keris is also often considered to have supernatural powers. This weapon is often mentioned in many traditional legends, such as the keris Mpu Gandring in legend of Ken Arok and Ken Dedes.

The procedure to use different kris in each region. In areas such as Javanese and Sundanese, the keris is placed in the back of the waist in peacetime but is placed in front in the war. Meanwhile, in Sumatra, Borneo, Malaysia, Brunei and the Philippines, the keris was placed in front.

Kris addition, there are a number of other stabbing weapons in the archipelago region, such as Rencong from Aceh, Badik from Sulawesi and West Java cleaver. Keris distinguished from other stabbing weapons primarily from the blade. Keris is not made from a single metal casted but a mixture of various metal layers. As a result of this manufacturing technique, the keris has a specificity of fame on the blade.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Let's Meet Yogurt

Lately very often we meet a variety of distributions of health by serving foods that taste is addictive. It was not the time anymore, the so-called health foods we will find the shape and taste unpleasant. One of the healthy foods that start reaching Jakarta is Yogurt. Various points of interest that presents this Yogurt can be encountered even in big malls malls in major cities in Jakarta, call Yogulicious, Heavenly Blush, Sour Sally and a row of other yogurts distro name really change the image of these foods than healthy foods become a trendy health food with a sense of fun and addictive.

Several years ago, even this had risen Yogurt leaves with the aid tent stalls run by the celebrity we are presenting is not just yogurt, in fact there are different forms of dairy foods has a myriad of content that makes our bodies are not only healthier, but many have praise as a healthy food that 'dissolves' fat from our bodies. Yogurt was not just alone in this world, there are many close relatives and cousins yogurt may not be too famous, you name it Kefir, Mustache, and Qurut.

Almost all of these foods have the same benefits as yogurt, with low fat and high protein, and the bacteria that is good in all this food, making them rich in calcium, riboflavin, vitamin B6 and B12. In addition, Yogurt and his cousins are believed to be proved against diarrhea and even improve digestion and reduce the possibility of colon cancer. Good again, all the brothers Yogurt can be enjoyed by those who are allergic to milk! All the benefits of milk without any risk, less what else to try?

Actually what's Yogurt plus these brothers?

This yogurt is commonly known in some form in Indonesia, began to thin and usually drunk, until thick like ice cream eaten by the spoon. Yogurt is made by certain bacteria enter into the warmed milk to about 50 degrees celsius. This bacteria, which then makes the structure become more viscous yogurt and make sense of sour milk. Yogurt-making process is not complicated, just need a sterile place, so bacteria can grow well and eventually turned into yogurt milk as we know it. After the milk has thickened, then cooled and then added a variety of materials such as sugar or sweet fruit to reduce the sour yogurt taste when consumed

Yogurt comes from central European region, specifically Turkey, and at first, used a variety of milk at all, not only milk cow, goat and buffalo milk is often used as a yogurt maker. Goat's milk as the basic material of the yogurt to make yogurt sweeter and less sour taste, because the lactose content is not high in goat milk, so the amount of lactose is converted into lactic acid slightly decreased. Buffalo milk was widely used in Sumatra. Sumatra has a kind of traditional yogurt called Dadiah and are usually sold in tubes of bamboo as a container of this Dadiah.


If Kefir is always to be found in liquid form, although it was also a bit sour. Traditionally, in the Caucasus or Eastern Europe. Traditionally, milk that is used is cow's milk, sheep or goats. This milk is usually made by mixing milk with kefir nerds into a bag of animal skin. Pouch is then hung in the doorway of the house, and everyone who passed this threshold will shake the bag, so the culprit will be mixed with kefir and does not clot in the milk was.

Prickly kefir is a mixture of bacteria and yeast that makes the appearance of these higher-grained kefir-grains. Uniquely, the culprit is not fussy kefir, soy milk can be made into soy kefir, even many who say that camel milk can be made into kefir.

Because kefir materials that can vary, and also contain bacteria and yeasts that form a higher-kefir, the kefir efficacy was difficult to tell, but clearly, not be much different from the general properties of yogurt.


That does not mean a series of hair growing under his nose, but this is the Mustache local specialty drinks like the Mongols of Central Asia, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan made from horse milk. Horse milk? Yes, because the Central Asian region is mostly found as a pet horse.

Mustache is similar to kefir, the material is only just a little different, if not exactly unique. Very high horse milk lactose, although not as rich as cow's milk in the affairs of fat and protein.

Traditionally, this mustache is made by putting milk into a pouch that is usually made from horse skin, and then hung in front of the house. Uniquely, because everyone understands it right, they will help make Mustache with this bag shaken, how? Every time passed near a camera, passers-by will hit the bag before, so that bacteria and yeast that are processing this horse milk will continue to mix and does not clot.

Mixture of bacteria and yeast were going to create a unique taste of this mustache. Bacteria would make sense of this milk becomes sour, while the yeast will make it soft mustache with a little alcohol content. If you still have time to remember China's martial arts series "archers PENDEKAR RAJAWALI" horse milk wine in that film is a call to the Mustache


Maybe this one food that is very foreign to our ears, it was not much food origin. Qurut actually a traditional soft cheese from the region of Central Asia as well! Qurut material is dried yogurt with the help of the sun. So in other words, is Qurut Yogurt cheese. Qurut is actually made by the nations of Central Asia as a way to preserve the yogurt, especially in central Asia which tend to have four seasons, and at the time of milk and other foods hard to find, for example during the winter ahead.

Qurut manufacturing method begins by making the milk into yogurt. After the milk into yogurt and yogurt will be boiled for several hours to reduce water content. After a cold, then the results of this yogurt stew will be made into a 'brick' is finally dried small dry

I was so dry, it will Qurut very hard and finally difficult and not very delicious eaten straight, for hard and very sour taste. So hard, it finally just Qurut enjoyed as a food (or drink) with small broken up, and then boiled until dissolved in water and drink or add to foods such as soup or sauce.

The material is easy, and our country is abundant with the milk, why do not you try to make your own? It must be better and healthier

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Armani Prepare Substitute

IN the world of fashion, especially fashion house, being an artistic director as a leading designer is crucial.

The reason, the designer will be drafting a trend that will bring the brand to greatness or even fall into contempt. Therefore, the topic of place successor aqua a designer whose name has been attached to a particular brand has always been a hot topic discussed.

Gucci had Tom Ford is identical to change course now becomes younger thanks to the touch and hippy cold hands Frida Giannini, the brand Versace is attached to celebrity after being in the hands of Donatella Versace who replaced his brother, Gianni.

Valentino fashion house was not successful in the hands of Fachinetti Alessandra later retreated after survived for two seasons and replaced by in-house designers. Right to know the condition.

King Giorgio, who became artistic director for Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani, Armani Prive, and Armani Exchange, also said he is preparing a successor to continue the royal fashion. This decision was taken after Armani hepatitis and hospitalized for several days following a work schedule were too crowded.

"I had prepared the staff to continue my work," said the designer who is now 75-year-old.

"I realized I was not immortal. There will be certain times when we must give up everything," said the man who often dressed in black this.

In the fashion industry, Armani is not a small name. Giorgio Armani brand is the largest in Italy and thanks to the flamboyant business style but firm; Armani achieved global appreciation of the network flagship boutiques and stores in major cities around the world.

However, Armani seemed to realize that he was no longer young even though his spirits smolder. The proof, since out of the hospital, Armani directly alter the company management and delegate some work to alleviate their responsibility in the company so he could better focus on his health.

As for the business side, the Armani Group is not immune to the crisis that hit the world during the last year. Deputy General Manager, Giorgio Armani said John Hooks, Armani's sales declined, but the company survived thanks to the accessories and perfume lines that continue to survive.

"In fact, I might mention that Armani will keep running the same speed next year. We're still going to open 50 new stores in 2010," he said.

Recently, Armani opened a new store in Moscow. Hooks says that Russia is a huge market for luxury products and has proven resilience to the crisis.

"Armani's annual sales in Russia remain in the range of 5 percent despite the crisis. It shows that consumer interest in Russia remained faithful, especially considering the U.S. and European markets are very devastated," he said.

In addition, supporting the acquisition of profit, once again wed Armani fashion and technology with the launch of ecommerce fashion.

The user's iPhone, Blackberry, Android, and mobile phone users high-end shoppers can instantly latest Emporio Armani collection online, directly from their mobile phone. E-commerce platform will be launched on November 25, coming simultaneously throughout the world