Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Look beautiful is the dream of all women, whether adults or young girls. For young girls, looking good is a necessity. Should look pretty so ogled the opposite sex. And there are many ways to look beautiful one of them is to use makeup.

Many ways to make young girls dream come true. One way is to make up weddings and weddings make up. One makeup trend that could answer that desire is smookey eyes. This makeup trends can make young girls look more unique and expressive.

According abe thomas, a make up weddings and weddings professional makeup artist from glamorous salons in yellow numbers, Tomang, West Jakarta, said that this makeup can be used by all the ages, including teenagers. Only, the composition must be compatible. Do not get the result like a mask because her makeup is too thick.

for the foundation, choose a natural-colored foundation, especially the glowing, so shine your face more emanated.


function is Contouring makeup and makeup weddings weddings and correcting deficiencies cheekbones, face and nose, as well as parts of other faces. Adjust skin color and facial parts that want to repair. Shading should be obvious, but the gradations be neat.

Blush on

choose the color of blush on the natural makeup for weddings and makeup weddings. We recommend fresh pink. This color makes your face flushed perfectly. These colors reflect the joy teens.

Loose powder

its function is to close the pores so that the face looks more polished and smooth. This technique reduces the oil in the t-zone area in family makeup and makeup family. Rub evenly so that the face looks smooth. Use a loose powder that matches the color of your skin

Saturday, December 26, 2009

trend of modern minimalist style wedding

EXCEPT displays various regional bridal fashion to the modern style, model Pelaminan Decorations engkap with diverse artistic concepts are also exhibited at the Exhibition Wedding Promo 2009 exhibition in the hall, I floor, Rapak Plaza.

One of them belonged to a participant who is an expert enough in the world of bridal makeup, Asmah Hj Ibrahim. "I deliberately show this wedding decorations for many leading trends in modern wedding minimalist models like this," he said.

Presence of a minimalist style wedding decorations not because according to current fashion trends are. Of course the choice of wedding decor is minimalist yet modern, bridal clothing choices were followed. Generally, mdel kebaya or penagntin European clothes, a solid match the wedding decorations. "As for the other models, visitors can choose the catalogs that have been available," Asmah Hj light, familiar calls.

Promo Wedding Exhibition 2009, which was held event promo Rapak Plaza followed the bridal makeup specialists are experienced and reliable enough in the field. According to organizers, this event will be held until 15 October. Through this event also confirmed guests, especially the bride and groom have more inspiration and reference to the customs and the concept of a wedding that will be used. In addition, the event which for the first time held in Rapak Plaza also offers many interesting options also labeled the price affordable for all circles

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

the right way for slimmer stomach

Was diligent in aerobic but not too flat stomach. Exercise crunch never forget but the stomach seems even bigger. Something wrong?! This is all wrong has been done continuously and the latest scientific research has revealed the things that really!

If your underwear collection becomes even more difficult to narrow buttoned, what would you do? Like many other women, you may immediately make a strict diet, sit-ups every day, and diligent aerobics (Fitness Equipment) or jogging. Is how it can succeed? Could be! But often times what happens is you lose weight for a moment and then rose again. In other words, this method offers only an instant success.

In fact, the more 'severe', your stomach still bloated! Why? It's sports, really, still bloated? Practically swollen belly is a problem almost everyone, men women, young and old. The difference is, people often think of men belly as a symbol of prosperity even though the risk of heart disease actually much larger. For women, this is absolutely not true. So Do not be surprised if many women who feel this is a big problem, especially when it comes to clothing selection.

In essence, belly really ruin the appearance! To streamline the stomach, most people do diet, exercise abdominal muscles, or do aerobic exercise (fitness equipment) such as jogging, cycling or walking. These methods do not completely wrong. Unfortunately all these methods will not be effective if done individually.

Only a diet can indeed lose weight. But your body will become loose due to too rapid loss of muscle and fat. In addition, the diet actually increase your appetite, slow metabolism, and increase the risk of loss of muscle that trigger an increase in weight again.

Another way is abdominal exercises like the crunch, bicycle (fitness equipment) and others working to develop abdominal muscles, but not to reduce abdominal fat. It could be your waist size actually increases after diligent crunch.

This is because your abdominal muscles grow but still accumulate belly fat. Weight loss can be accelerated with aerobic exercise. But strangely enough, still, a lot of complaints from those who diligently aerobic (fitness equipment). It becomes more slender body, but why stomach still outstanding? Yes, it is because often the less is the fat in the face, thighs, and arms, not the fat in the abdominal area. In fact it's hard abdominal fat is removed.

Here's the latest research results!

Actually diet, abdominal exercises and aerobic (fitness equipment), all play an important role in the formation of a slender stomach and tight. If ultimately it does not bring maximum results, it is because there are many people who apply them one by one. In fact, the key to streamlining the stomach is ... a combination!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

slender tips with acupuncture

Often times, the intention of dieting collapse easily because only unable to refuse a treat to eat. Maybe, it's time you need help. Alternative assistance currently is rising I-punktur therapy (Acupuncture Course). Although reportedly cespleng enough to lose weight, in fact this therapy is not magic. Stay strong commitment needed to change the pattern of unhealthy living.

According to dr. Lily Djodoadmodjo (technical advisor acupuncture) and dr. Indra Taudik Odang (acupuncture practitioners) from Centrum for Life Care, if the body in balance (good metabolism, quality of food intake, and sufficient activity, should not be a fat person (acupuncture courses).

Conversely, if these factors were not balanced, people will easily get fat. Foods that should be burned, instead piled so fat. Imbalance is that it tries to overcome with the technique of acupuncture (acupuncture courses).

Therefore, before you start (a course of acupuncture) was stabbed a needle, the patient should be examined closely, including through inspection pulse, tongue, and nutrient (a method of Japan, by looking at the blood where it is blocked). For example, if it is detected that the emotions and hormones out of balance conditions, which must be treated first is the problem. Logically, how could alter eating patterns, cope with his own emotions when he has not been able (acupuncture courses).

In slimming process, the number of needles used was the same in every person, depending on the condition of their bodies. There's no point did the standard or absolute. The depth of needle stabbing vary (acupuncture courses), depending on the cause of obesity. There are only enough until the upper layer of skin, some are up to the layer of fat.

In acupuncture, 5 elements in the life of any influence in the food balance that must be consumed, namely:

1. Timber elements (sour taste), symbolizes the liver and bile.
2. Elements of fire (bitter taste), the symbol of the heart organ and the small intestine.
3. Elements of land (taste sweet), symbolizes the spleen and pancreas.
4. Metallic elements (spicy taste), the symbol of the lungs and large intestine.
5. Elements of water (salt), the symbol of the kidneys and bladder.

All think it needs to be combined with a balanced, for the health of each organ they signify (acupuncture courses). Then, the so-called balanced how? According to dr. Lily, again it was back on the condition of their bodies. If you have a tendency to diabetes, sugar intake should not be much. Or, if you want more healthy kidneys, consume the kinds of salty foods, but not to blood pressure rose sharply, because it can actually provoke another disease

Saturday, December 19, 2009

five errors in the painted bride

Makeup is not just a bridal makeup bridal makeup or foundation, powder, eye shadow and lipstick, but you also have to adjust face shape, skin color, skin type or eye shape though. Small mistakes like the color of lipstick that is too old, or that do not blend in eyeshadow can be corrected and not fatal. However, there are some things you can invite the attention of people if you apply it.

Here are 5 things to avoid:
1. Lips with a pencil line on the lips / lip liner is a thick or use a darker shade of lipstick colors. Lip lines should be used to correct lip shape and touch up with professional makeup or makeup professionally.

Tip: choose the color nude lip pencil or a neutral color that young.

2. Wear make-up before the moisturizer is absorbed. After using the moisturizer, wait until the moisturizer is absorbed when the skin has not felt 'wet' again. Powder, concealer and foundation make-up professionally or professionally applied makeup before moisturizer sink can make makeup perfectly unattached.
tips: give time for about 5 minutes to apply other cosmetics after applying moisturizer.

3. Choosing concelear too bright. Professional make up artist with a concealer works to disguise / cover up dark areas such as the area under the eyes or black stains on the face. If you choose colors that are too bright concelear, which looks even color stripes for color difference is striking.
Tip: choose the appropriate color concelear your skin color or a younger level.

4. Shading using cocoa powder. Professional make up artist to create cheekbones are often people choose brown powder. Should avoid this color because if you are less adept at applying it, the cheek area will look dirty and 'rough'.
Tip: apply blush on natural colors (peach, pink-brown) on your cheek apples. The color will highlight your cheeks and make your cheekbones look high, but still within the natural limits.

5. Wearing colors that are too bright. Bridal makeup bridal makeup or pink or orange color is the right choice separately illuminating makeup everyday. But if your levels are applicable color excess, your makeup will look too 'mature', that is very striking when worn in daylight.
Tip: make-up range of light need a neutral color like brown, pink, peach or pink-brown. The colors are suitable for all skin colors and naturally beautiful effect on the makeup.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

motorcycle jackets from Alpinestars

Asolo, Italy - manufacturer of motor sports apparel, in cooperation with marketing alpinestars motogp, sports sl dorna will produce moto gp jacket.

Alpinestars motogp Collection products will be a limited edition motorcycle jacket good leather motorcycle jacket, motorcycle riders and casual clothes. The plan is a new product launch will be conducted next year and purchases can only be done through on-line. There are currently no explanation how the selling price collection motogp alpinestars motorcycle jacket is.

First created Alpinestars clothing and shoes to climb the mountain snow. Headquartered in asolo, italy in 1990. Company founded by sante mazzarolo began sweeping the racing world. Several events ranging from motorcycles zip through routine drifting championship sponsored this motorcycle jacket company.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

tips for great wedding portrait package

Each and every important event that happens in a person’s life should ideally be commemorated through portrait package because pictures, as the saying goes, can convey more than a thousand words. Through portraits, you’ll be able to remember just how it was that day, the people you were with and the relationships you had with them.
Of all occasions, it’s weddings portrait package though that has an absolute need to be memorialized in portraits. After all, for most people, you only get married once so the event is incomparably special. If you are about to married, do have a wedding portrait made of yourself, the more the merrier. And if you’re worried about what you should do and consider when it comes to wedding portraits, here are a few tips.A wedding portrait package done in real-time would take several days to be made, depending on the wont and skill of an artist. If you prefer to have your wedding portrait done in this fashion, you may be forced to do so after the wedding already. On the other hand, you could also try considering having your wedding portrait package based on photos taken of the occasion. This could be more practical, albeit less romantic, as you would have a lot of poses to choose from.
Ideally, a family portrait package or wedding portrait contains only the figures of the bride and the groom. But remember, this is your wedding so it’s what you two want that counts. If you feel that you prefer a wedding portrait done of the whole family then by all means, do so.
Last but certainly not the least, it’s time to think about poses and settings. After all, these factors have great influence on how a portrait turns out. Naturally, if you’re willing to have your family portrait package or wedding portrait based on photos, you would have a wider selection of photos to choose from and more freedom when it comes to the settings.
A bride could have her picture taken just before she leaves her home, as she steps out of the car and so on. The two lovebirds may also opt to have the moment they released the doves crystallized for eternity. On the other hand, if you decide to have your wedding portrait done at the studio, you’ll be able to determine which pose for the two of you is better.
Just remember – it’s your special day and you need a special portrait to remember it by!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

form beautiful eyebrows with make-up

Never underestimate your eyebrow shape, because the eyebrows can change the appearance of a more beautiful face or look more sadistic.

If your eyebrow makeup form irregular, rare or too thin, then there are some tricks you can do to improve the form by using makeup makeup.

1. Use spooly, similar brush brow hairs to form. Brush brows using this leads spooly eyebrow growth area.

2. Take a pencil eyebrows and eyeshadow that matches the color of your skin. Then his brow lines in accordance with the form desired makeup.

3. Start to fill in brows with eyebrow pencil in a matching color. The shape eyebrows to rise with caution.

4. Give a touch of eyeshadow makeup on her eyebrows with a brush. Do not be too thick, because it would make it look very tacky

5. As a final touch, use color to unify spooly eyebrow pencil with the skin make it look more natural. Spray a little spritz / hairspray to create a more radiant.

6. Use Highlighter on top of the temple bone for more luminous impression member.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

office dresses for men

Occasion # 1: fashion office
tired of seeing your partner with a fashion conventional impressed working with models and motifs, it was just looking at the boutique cheap. No one if you want occasionally to up grade it with a display of different boutique clothes provided in accordance with its work and the company where she worked. For example, your spouse worked in corporate law firm which she requires a neat appearance with a tie and jacket, look in the boutique cheap. Of course, you can not arbitrarily told him to wear a polo shirt and jeans. Adjust your clothing is also working with the taste, personality and comfort your partner at work.

What to wear: your partner chose a plain shirt with a classic tailored pants neutral colors like black, navy blue or dark brown, like those in boutiques and online cheap cheap boutique clothes. You can chose the color of the lighter shirt (like blue, red or white) to paired with dark pants like black or dark blue for the appearance he became more 'alive'. Instead, you can combine such a dark colored shirt, black, dark brown, red, maroon and dark blue colors of the younger pair like beige or khaki. Add a blazer or jacket (if necessary) with a pair of matching the him.

Tip: if you want to dress up grade office without leaving a spouse but a formal sense, let me formally ga you can see in boutiques and online cheap cheap clothing boutique, you can pick out a shirt with a line pattern or small boxes. However, colors still must be considered. In order for your spouse still look professional and mature, choose neutral colors tend to be safer as brown, blue, black or cream. Add to this tie, suspenders, leather belts, cuff-links (ornamental buttons cuffs) and the brief case to complete the look.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Green LifeStyle For the Day & Month "National Planting Movement".

Government (President SBY and its board) launched, 28 November 2008 as the Day of Planting Movement and Moon Planting in December as the Government creates Green Lifestyle is supposed to support us all, especially in urban water catchment areas are very quit small.the woek may one way to prevent the effects of global warming, prevent air pollution or prevent the occurrence of floods tiba.when this season should be followed simultaneously in all regions Indonesia.actually the forest began to bare, it's dangerous if not immediately prevented from re-greening and held.

Citing the President's call Barack Obama elected U.S. (Child Menteng) "Let us together create a better world than now, for our grandchildren". Yes for Children of our grandson, a call is in line with the World Great Leader Statement Prophet Muhammad (Syalam and He solemnly directed to and Family and friends He), the Prophet of this statement more or less goes like this "If you know tomorrow if the world would end, but there are still in your hands palm seed, then plant the seeds of dates". In another narration the Prophet SAW to have said "Plant a tree, because this is the charity field for you". That is when the tree bear fruit (still or after the death of us) anyone who ate the fruit trees we planted, whether animals or thieves, even though we still get the reward the reward from him. (For the Religious experts, please correct it if this hadith if any, with all humility I say that I do not know exactly what this hadith sahi or not).

Green LifeStyle already should be our style, ranging from individuals (ourselves and our families) of course, because we can not just sit on my hands and asked who should start? .. So it's good efforts of this government with our support, ranging from self - me and you of course, no matter how small any of our actions, the most important thing we must immediately start today too.Action ..!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

shop without worry

Along with the Internet development in Indonesia, it is no wonder that online store is more rampant now aja. For example online clothing store, and so on. But not infrequently also the use of such a situation to benefit themselves. This means that someone has an online shop but when we want to buy and make transactions with a deposit amount of money demanded, but we buy goods never arrive.

Well, to anticipate such things, there is little some online shopping tips for you:

1. Beware of shopping at online stores that use hosting or a domain name is free.

2. When making reservations, make sure the online store has a phone number, and address clearly.

3. Consider warranty item.

4. Make sure that the item is sent in the warranty to get to our address. That means we do not want to know the buyer with a loss of goods in the middle of the road.

5. Read the privacy of online stores that cop.

6. Make sure that items such as clothing online that we buy according to our needs. So before you decide to buy something good, read the criteria and specification criteria such goods.

7. If you do transferan BANK account number is on the point of the seller, so processing speed, then add the numbers or odd numbers on the back of transferan. For example we are asked to deposit money Rp200.000, so that we quickly known transferan Rp200.085 please do.

8. Do not be tempted by the cheap prices even though the same brand used to check the store and consider the costs pengirimanya example: a store selling goods 900ribu, 875ribu b store but if it is outside the province of the store and b onkkos send more expensive and stores a 1 province can be calculated margin + shipping.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Lifestyle is an identity for the young of today. The teenager raced to create an image of themselves through lifestyle inherent in them. When compared with the style and appearance of a teenager in a few decades ago, then there is a huge leap. Gosh, is the most appropriate word to describe the changes for the sake of change, albeit invisible, there is only a repetition of what happened rotation

If we ask whether the lifestyle is influenced by culture and background of the community? Are lifestyle urban and rural communities differ? The closest answer is probably yes. Urban lifestyle changes are supported by all existing facilities, ranging from information, technology, transportation to communication. This is what makes the urban youth quickly absorbing everything they see and discover.

The easiest example we consider the changes in teenage lifestyle and the city is a music phone. This we can see from the best-selling mobile phone market with the sweetness of youth as the target users. Starting from the model monophonic, polyphonic, slim, until the qwerty currently hunted by the lovers of this wireless phone. Lifestyle changes are sharp enough we can also note in terms of music selection. With the speed of information available, it is supporting youth hunting or albums from the singer of their band masing2

This will be slightly different from the lifestyle of rural communities that are still colored by upload-ungguh. Changes will they do to themselves, are adapted to the existing norma2 in rural areas. We will be very rare to see a young man who asked the village street, his ears were still closed by the earphones, or a village youth who use the language Alay chat today. Information and communication is still a little slow is one reason why there are no drastic jump in with their lifestyle

If you have other questions why teenagers can quickly change and change in lifestyle which they profess? In terms of psychology, there is an empty space that is very broad in their potential to be filled by anything that exists. Teenagers also need a role model or a direction that could be their example. Industry was very caught a very big opportunity in exploiting teenagers as one of their marketing targets. Therefore, do not be surprised if many benchmarks that are now affecting many of our lifestyle that can only say my goodness.

Keywords that are prominent in Indonesian society lifestyle today is efficient, effective, productive, quick, practical, functional, versatile, and stylish. All of which leads to ease and pleasure. The easier, quick and delicious product is digested, then it is certainly selling well invaded by the community. This is a small spark that started the modern society embraced by our youth. Money becomes a god and enjoyment coupled with her. Once again this will provoke us to say gee.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

"Gosh! Lifestyle lifestyle in Indonesia", maybe Barrack Obama, President USA, would say that, between the shock and confusion, when the next year, 2010, visit to Indonesia with his wife, Michelle Obama. Perhaps he still thinks the condition of Indonesia as before when he was in elementary school Menteng, Jakarta. Well, yes very much fella, uh, I mean mister. Indonesia today is far different. Metropolis lifestyle was coloring of everyday life, especially in big cities, like Jakarta, Surabaya or Bali. Especially in Jakarta, with a variety of entertainment facilities from the cafe, karaoke, clubbing, Jakarta night life, food and restaurants with various tastes culinary tour ready to present the most complete, salon and spa and healthy lifestyle diet club or club beauty with sophisticated facilities for families or for health, which all support the Jakarta lifestyle as a lifestyle trend central Indonesia.
Life style is also supported by many emerging mall and new entertainment venues. With the special theme of interest, visitors have to understand where the destination mall in accordance with their needs. There are more famous mall as a center of fashion and fashion, such as lifestyle fx fx with her, Alexis is famous for its night life and entertainment and its facilities are okay, and there are many places of interest in various colors and patterns such as Culinary needs, Gadgets, Games, Sport, Automotive, Glass Screen Cinema, Music DVDs VCDs and many other interesting topics.
Information is also not something hard to find anymore, especially in an era of openness and great current technology, cramming all the information with a very full, either through lifestyle magazines (lifestyle magazine), online news is it can be easily accessed from blackberry or mobile gadget, which provides information from news and tips about infotainment, lifestyle tips, gossip artist, such as lifestyle Indonesian artists who want Bleszynsky Tamara bikini paid hundreds of millions, gossip Indonesia, games, movies and films, such as watching new trends lifetyle moon movie that still rule the box office Indonesia, news reviews, music, greeting cards zodiac up, from health consultations to the problem of sex, sexuality and Seksologi thoroughly discussed.
Indonesia had been changed, no longer like when Barrack Obama left Indonesia, which until now to become a U.S. President. Culture changes are felt, such as Indonesia is no longer in the library literature old Europe, but grew into the community and a new lifestyle (modern lifestyle). But when all is accompanied by responsibilities, references and appropriate education, all aspects of life in a positive contribution, then all will stay on track. When else we can pursue and stand in line with the developed nations, like the motto of Christ! Com Lifestyle, Discover Your Future.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

choose clothing based on body shape

Self-respect lies in the words and the honor of sport lies in the clothes. The phrase was born because people believe that clothing is a visible expression of a lifestyle. Clothing reflects self-esteem and social status differences. The problem is his own clothes and fishing often brings negative evaluation.
clothing and fashion clothing women are not merely markers of a difference and similarities, but also the media to express a particular attitude toward cultural influences. Every person, whether male or female, would want to come up with clothing that can cover the flaws and maximize the benefits. But it must be remembered well that you do not follow the dress, but dressed to follow you. Here are some tips to choose clothing based on body shape:

Actual choice of clothing and fashion clothing for women you quite varied. You only need to consider one thing that is a way to add curves to your body. You should wear two pieces to give effect to the waist curve.
Try wearing a top coat or overalls with a piece at the waist or wearing a big belt or a ribbon tied at the waist check in wholesale clothing. Focus under volume. Wear a pleated skirt or with a model to create the impression rimple more of the lower body.
Superiors with ruffles are also advised to divert the eyes of people from your body straight. Wear a wrap dress with a knot at the waist to add a curve. But do occasionally wear a superior model tight clothes. Models dressed like that just reinforces your body shape really.

Avoid loose clothing wholesalers. This outfit makes you increasingly do not have curves. Crop jacket or bolero is very sweet, but this outfit just tell people that you do not have a waist curve

Hourglass-shaped bodies
If you have a body shape like an hourglass, which is large in the upper and lower body. Or the size of your shoulders and hips together and a rather large waist. All you have to do is do not hesitate to show your curves. Pieces of clothes in the curve of the waist will maximize your waist.
Do not hide behind the boss so loose clothing wholesalers or greatness. You will look great and straight. Strecth's cool, but if too tight, especially glossy, will make your appearance look cheap. Avoid patterned knit because it makes you look fat and big in the chest and buttocks

Friday, November 20, 2009

TRENDS fashion always repeats itself, but the use of black and white world of fashion as a sweetener was never replaced. Both colors are always a belle.

Philosophy that is the key inspiration in Asmara Barli launch fashion collection at the Fashion Goddess Knights event, at Pacific Place Mall, Thursday (19/11/2009) night. Barley collection quote theme "Fabuleuse, Et Noir Blance".

"Black and white is the perfect color. Two contrasting colors, but can create a different image. Black may be dark and hard. But it can also be exclusive and elegant. Similarly, the white can be soft and pure, but at the the same can be cold and arrogant, "said Barli to Legal.

According to Barli, in a world of color, black and white does not belong in any color group. They called akromatik color or no color. They are not referred to as monochromatic colors of black and white because it stands alone exclusively. They create their own strengths and at the same time present a neutral and in line when juxtaposed with the other colors. In addition, the two colors is used as a determinant of the level of brightness and darkness.

Barley seemed to understand completely the power of black and white. No wonder the 12 couture collection displayed by top models that highlight the country these two elements.

In order for the collection more interesting, Barli many forms display fine line and detail to decorate clothes nicely. So even with architectural lines that make the collection more complete and different from other local designers.

"In the detail, I play a lot with ribbon, sequins, city-boxes, metal studs, and chains. All these details create an impression that romantic, but still aggressive and glamorous," adds a lot Barli use such material tafetta materials, cotton, and tulle.

To improve the collection this time, Barli also brings a new touch of architectural forms, such as architectural Drapery. However, stacked silhouette, pleated, and the volume of games that become the force's collection is not just abandoned. Barli wanted his collection to the closing years of being a belle.

The oxytocin Make Hot Orgasm

WHEN achieve orgasm, the sensation of pleasure can not be disclosed. However, do you orgasm psychological effect on the body?

When you successfully reach the peak of sexual pleasure, automatically increases endorphin hormones. Immense joy and thrill that arises, therefore, can menurukan stress levels.

When women reach the Big O, can facilitate the menstrual cycle, blocking breast cancer, and balancing appetite womanhood.

Based on the news Knows She quoted from, oxytocin is the main hormone your body that are released during orgasm in progress. This hormone also gave no measurable sensation as the body in a state of tense ".

Oxytocin acts as a neurotransmitter and plays a key role in facilitating uterine contractions during labor and help women while breastfeeding.

In a study that recently found show, the hormone oxytocin also plays an important role to provide sexual arousal. Not only that, these hormones can also increase confidence and reduce fear.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

shopping tips

Here are tips on smart shopping is simple and can help you develop healthy habits, among others:

1. Reduce the purchase of goods whose value decreases
Spend your money on goods whose value increases. Most people shopping on goods whose value was so used up as, food, clothing, or its value decreases as electronic goods and consumer goods other. As long as you are able to distinguish between wants and needs of the shopping is a reasonable thing to do and go beyond just hungry eyes

2. Little stuff means a lot
Often we do not feel out of money to buy cigarettes, buy a snack or just coffee-coffee. Naturally, if we forget for a small amount and has become a habit. The danger is that a daily habit, we forget that the small amount that if we calculate the number so large a year, too. Obviously the amount will be doubled if more invested.

3. Keep your total installment debt below 30% of salary
The habit of people in general are using nearly 90% of monthly income to finance the household shopping needs. What happens if you have a home loan repayment, car or credit card spend 50% of the revenue? Where you have to meet the needs of the household shopping. You might get a loan here and there to mencover household needs. Therefore if you have debt, keep your total loan repayment amount per month is not more than than 30% of your income, so that the remaining 70% can be used to cover household needs.

4. Credit card is not more money
Credit cards often make us richer than the truth. Limit credit card to make us feel like having more cash. Though the credit card limit is not given for free. Once we use it we must return it, and if you can not afford to pay in full then you will be charged interest. Karean it for everyday spending pay with cash or ATM card or your debit card. Keep your credit card for emergencies, as a quick source of funds but an emergency when cash is not available.

5. Have a reserve fund
Sometimes though people already have a budget, nevertheless penetrated. This is usually because there is no routine expenses or unexpected that is not included in the budget. For example there are relatives to borrow money, giving a birthday gift, a donation of marriage, and others. Usually to pay for this unexpected pengeluran we are forced to take deposits from savings or time deposit or a credit card. If this happens constantly as a result of your investment goals can not be achieved because the funds are always used. Therefore form a reserve fund of at least 2 or 3 times your family spend per month to pay for sudden expenses that are not routine. If your income is not regular or not stable then form a larger reserve fund again. Before you invest for any financial purpose, make sure you have established this reserve funds first.

smoking and health

SMOKING distemper, the fact is we can not deny. Many diseases have proven to be bad consequences of smoking, either directly or indirectly.

Smoking not only harm the smoker, but also for those around him.

SMOKE cigarettes are pollutants for humans and the environment. Not only for health, smoking also cause problems in the economic field. In advanced industrial countries, there is now a tendency to stop smoking, whereas in developing countries, particularly Indonesia, tend to arise even increased smoking.

Through resolution 1983, the World Health Organization (WHO) has set May 31 as World Tobacco Free Day every year.

WHO report in 1983 said, the number of smokers increased 2.1 percent per year in developing countries, whereas in developed countries this figure dropped by 1.1 percent per year.

Studies in Jakarta showed that 64.8 percent of men and 9.8 percent of women with age above 13 years were smokers. In fact, the youth group, 49 percent of male students and 8.8 percent of female students in Jakarta was smoking.

Study in Semarang in 1973 by Prof. Boedi Darmojo get smoking prevalence at 96.1 percent of the pedicab driver, paramedic 79.8 percent, 51.9 percent of civil servants, and 36.8 percent of physicians.

In a study conducted by Prof. Soewondo Soesmalijah UI Psychology Department, which asked the number of people who do not stop smoking, obtain answers that when not smoking, will be hard to concentrate, anxiety, even fat, whereas if smoked, will feel more mature and can ideas arise or inspiration. Psychological factors and this is what a lot of physiological influence of smoking habits in the community.

Cigarette smoke is inhaled the smoke contains gases and particulate components. Particles are released during smoking as much as 5 x 109 pp. Gas component comprises carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen cyanide, ammonia, oxides of nitrogen and hydrocarbons. The particle component consisting of tar, nicotine, benzopiren, phenol, and cadmium.

Impact of lung
Smoking can cause changes in the structure and function of airways and lung tissue. In large airways, mucous cells enlarge (hypertrophy) and increased mucus glands many (hyperplasia). In the small airways, mild inflammation due to increased cell constriction and mucus buildup. In lung tissue, an increase in the number of inflammatory cells and damage to the alveoli.

As a result of changes in airway anatomy, the smokers will arise changes in lung function with all sorts of clinical symptoms. This became the main basis of the occurrence of chronic pulmonary obstructive disease (PPOM).

It says smoking is the cause of PPOM, including pulmonary emphysema, chronic bronchitis, and asthma.

The relationship between smoking and lung cancer have been investigated in the last decade 4-5. Found a close relationship between cigarette smoking, particularly cigarettes, with the incidence of lung cancer. There is even expressly stated that the cigarettes as the main cause of lung cancer.

Cigarette smoke particles, such as benzopiren, dibenzopiren, and uretan, known as a carcinogen. Tar is also associated with risk of cancer. Compared with non-smokers, the possibility arises of lung cancer in smokers reach 10-30 times more often.

Impact on the heart
Many studies have shown the existence of the relationship of smoking with coronary heart disease (CHD). Of 11 million deaths per year in industrialized countries, the WHO reports that more than half (6 million) due to disturbance of blood circulation, in which 2.5 million were coronary heart disease and stroke is 1.5 million. MOH survey in 1986 and 1992, have increased deaths from heart disease of 9.7 per cent (ranked third) to 16 percent (first rank).

Smoking is a major factor in causing cardiovascular disease is. Not only cause of coronary heart disease, smoking is bad for the brain blood vessels and peripheral.

The exhaled smoke of smokers smoke can be divided into primary (main stream smoke) and smoke the side (side stream smoke). The main smoke is tobacco smoke is inhaled directly by smokers, whereas the addition of smoke is tobacco smoke spread into the atmosphere, which would be inhaled by another person or passive smokers.

4000 species have been found chemicals in cigarettes, with 40 species of them are carcinogenic (can cause cancer), in which toxic substances are more available in addition to smoke, such as carbon monoxide (CO) 5 times more common in addition to smoke than The main smoke, benzopiren 3 times, and ammonia 50 times. These materials can last for several hours in a room after smoking stops.

Generally the focus of research directed at nicotine and CO roles. Both these materials, in addition to increased oxygen demand, also disrupt the oxygen supply to the heart muscle (myocardial) infarction job detriment.

Nicotine interfere with the sympathetic nervous system due to increased myocardial oxygen demand. Besides smoking causes addiction, nicotine also stimulates the release of adrenaline, increased frequency of heart rate, blood pressure, cardiac oxygen demand, and cause heart rhythm disturbances. Nicotine also affect the nerves, brain, and many other body parts.

Nicotine activates platelets by platelet adhesion due to the emergence of (clotting) into the blood vessel wall.

Desaturasi cause carbon monoxide hemoglobin, reducing the oxygen supply directly to the entire body, including tissue infarction. CO replaces the oxygen in hemoglobin, disrupt the release of oxygen, and accelerate atherosclerosis (Calcification / thickening of the walls of blood vessels). Thus, reducing CO physical exercise capacity, increased blood viscosity, which makes blood clotting.

Nicotine, CO, and other substances in cigarette smoke damage the endothelial proven (in the blood vessel wall), and facilitate the emergence of blood clotting.

In addition, cigarette smoke affects the fat profile. Compared with non-smokers, total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, and triglyceride blood smokers is higher, whereas HDL cholesterol is lower.

Smoking is proven to be the biggest risk factor for sudden death.
Risk of coronary heart disease increased 2-4 times in smokers compared with nonsmokers. This risk increases with age and the number of cigarettes smoked. Research shows that smoking risk factors work synergistically with other factors, such as hypertension, levels of fat or high blood sugar, the outbreak of CHD.

Please note that the risk of death from coronary heart disease decreases by 50 percent in the first year after smoking was stopped.

As a result of clotting (thrombosis) and Calcification (atherosclerotic) vessel wall, smoking will certainly damage the peripheral blood vessels.

PPDP involving arteries and veins in the leg or arm is often found in young adult heavy smoker, often will end up with amputation.

Disease (stroke)
Brain blood vessel blockage emergent or stroke associated with smoking a lot. Risk of stroke and death risk higher in smokers compared with nonsmokers.

In a study conducted in the United States and the UK, acquired the habit of smoking increases the likelihood of the emergence of AIDS in HIV. In the smoker group, AIDS emerged in an average of 8.17 months, whereas in non-smokers group arose after 14.5 months. Immune decline in smokers initiated more easily affected by AIDS so that quitting smoking is very important in defensive measure against AIDS.

Now more and more investigated and reported the ill effects of smoking on pregnant women, impotence, decreased immune individuals, including people with viral hepatitis, gastrointestinal cancer, and others.

From the point of health economics, the impact of diseases caused by smoking will certainly increase costs, both for individuals, families, companies, even countries.

Diseases caused by smoking affects the supply of labor, particularly skilled labor or executive power, with the sudden death or disability arising out clearly caused large losses for the company. Decrease in labor productivity raises the company's earnings decline, also the economic burden that is not less for individuals and families. Expenditures for health care cost increases, for families, companies, and government.

It should attempt to stop smoking is the duty and responsibility of all levels of society.
Information and counseling, particularly among the younger generation, can also be associated with the dangers of narcotics control efforts, the school health efforts, and public health education in general.

Model figures of society, including officials, religious leaders, teachers, health workers, artists, and sportsmen, they should be an example by not smoking.

Health professions, particularly doctors, play a very important role in counseling and be an example for society. Smoking habits in the doctor should immediately be stopped. They are important exemplars: they do practice what they preach.

Also need opportunities restrictions on smoking in public places, schools, public transportation, and workplaces; regulation and control of cigarette promotional ads; put health warnings on cigarette packs and cigarette advertisements.

Climate not smoking should be created. This must be carried out simultaneously by us all, who wants the achievement of the Indonesian nation state and a healthy and prosperous.

Monday, November 16, 2009

benefits of exercise in the morning

Many people choose to exercise in the afternoon and evening because I wanted to avoid the heat or only have time at the moment. But according to research proved the best sport is in the morning. Want to know why? Many people who have not realized that the exercise in the morning is very useful for overall fitness and weight-loss process. Although only exercise run or walk for 10 minutes every day, still can provide great benefits for the body. To get the body healthy and fit does not have to be expensive and go to the gym. Many sports simple and cheap, but still healthy and can provide great benefits to the body. Here's the benefits that can be obtained when exercising in the morning, as quoted from Health24, 1. Morning exercise can raise morale and keep your metabolism so it can burn more calories throughout the day. Based on research in the morning exercise can burn calories, 2 to 3 times more than any other time. It also can help regulate your appetite for moderation. 2. We sleep all the hormones involved in the increased activity, so the body will feel more active and fresh in the morning. Although only mild exercise walking distance great enough to resist fatigue. Also makes the mind is sharper for 4 to 10 hours after exercise and increased natural energy far more effective in the long run compared to a cup of coffee. 3. Improving the quality of sleep becomes more soundly throughout the night. If exercise at night makes a person become hard to sleep tonight in peace. Sport in the morning also helps regulate the body's biological clock to be normal. 4. Having a more regular exercise schedule because it has a bit of trouble. If you've used to get up early so there are no obstacles for not exercising, but if sports day or night may be get disturbance to go with friends or are tired of working all day. From now on there's nothing wrong took little time in the morning to do sports like running or just strolling around the yard.

Monday, November 9, 2009


Keris is a typical Indonesian stabbing weapon. Based on ancient documents, the keris in preliminary form has been used since the 9th century. Strong likelihood that the keris has been used before that time. Indonesian Culture Minister Jero Wacik has brought the keris to UNESCO and requested assurance that this is the cultural heritage of Indonesia.

The use of the keris itself scattered in clumps community Malays. At present, the keris commonly known in the area of Indonesia (especially in the areas of Java, Madura, Bali / Lombok, Sumatra, part of Borneo, and some of Sulawesi), Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, and Philippines (particularly in the Mindanao region). In Mindanao, the form of weapon which is also called the keris is not much resemblance but also a stabbing weapon.

Keris has a variety of forms, for example, there is a winding blade (berbilang always odd) and some are straight bladed. Javanese people assume different forms have different effects esoteri.

Besides being used as a weapon, the keris is also often considered to have supernatural powers. This weapon is often mentioned in many traditional legends, such as the keris Mpu Gandring in legend of Ken Arok and Ken Dedes.

The procedure to use different kris in each region. In areas such as Javanese and Sundanese, the keris is placed in the back of the waist in peacetime but is placed in front in the war. Meanwhile, in Sumatra, Borneo, Malaysia, Brunei and the Philippines, the keris was placed in front.

Kris addition, there are a number of other stabbing weapons in the archipelago region, such as Rencong from Aceh, Badik from Sulawesi and West Java cleaver. Keris distinguished from other stabbing weapons primarily from the blade. Keris is not made from a single metal casted but a mixture of various metal layers. As a result of this manufacturing technique, the keris has a specificity of fame on the blade.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Let's Meet Yogurt

Lately very often we meet a variety of distributions of health by serving foods that taste is addictive. It was not the time anymore, the so-called health foods we will find the shape and taste unpleasant. One of the healthy foods that start reaching Jakarta is Yogurt. Various points of interest that presents this Yogurt can be encountered even in big malls malls in major cities in Jakarta, call Yogulicious, Heavenly Blush, Sour Sally and a row of other yogurts distro name really change the image of these foods than healthy foods become a trendy health food with a sense of fun and addictive.

Several years ago, even this had risen Yogurt leaves with the aid tent stalls run by the celebrity we are presenting is not just yogurt, in fact there are different forms of dairy foods has a myriad of content that makes our bodies are not only healthier, but many have praise as a healthy food that 'dissolves' fat from our bodies. Yogurt was not just alone in this world, there are many close relatives and cousins yogurt may not be too famous, you name it Kefir, Mustache, and Qurut.

Almost all of these foods have the same benefits as yogurt, with low fat and high protein, and the bacteria that is good in all this food, making them rich in calcium, riboflavin, vitamin B6 and B12. In addition, Yogurt and his cousins are believed to be proved against diarrhea and even improve digestion and reduce the possibility of colon cancer. Good again, all the brothers Yogurt can be enjoyed by those who are allergic to milk! All the benefits of milk without any risk, less what else to try?

Actually what's Yogurt plus these brothers?

This yogurt is commonly known in some form in Indonesia, began to thin and usually drunk, until thick like ice cream eaten by the spoon. Yogurt is made by certain bacteria enter into the warmed milk to about 50 degrees celsius. This bacteria, which then makes the structure become more viscous yogurt and make sense of sour milk. Yogurt-making process is not complicated, just need a sterile place, so bacteria can grow well and eventually turned into yogurt milk as we know it. After the milk has thickened, then cooled and then added a variety of materials such as sugar or sweet fruit to reduce the sour yogurt taste when consumed

Yogurt comes from central European region, specifically Turkey, and at first, used a variety of milk at all, not only milk cow, goat and buffalo milk is often used as a yogurt maker. Goat's milk as the basic material of the yogurt to make yogurt sweeter and less sour taste, because the lactose content is not high in goat milk, so the amount of lactose is converted into lactic acid slightly decreased. Buffalo milk was widely used in Sumatra. Sumatra has a kind of traditional yogurt called Dadiah and are usually sold in tubes of bamboo as a container of this Dadiah.


If Kefir is always to be found in liquid form, although it was also a bit sour. Traditionally, in the Caucasus or Eastern Europe. Traditionally, milk that is used is cow's milk, sheep or goats. This milk is usually made by mixing milk with kefir nerds into a bag of animal skin. Pouch is then hung in the doorway of the house, and everyone who passed this threshold will shake the bag, so the culprit will be mixed with kefir and does not clot in the milk was.

Prickly kefir is a mixture of bacteria and yeast that makes the appearance of these higher-grained kefir-grains. Uniquely, the culprit is not fussy kefir, soy milk can be made into soy kefir, even many who say that camel milk can be made into kefir.

Because kefir materials that can vary, and also contain bacteria and yeasts that form a higher-kefir, the kefir efficacy was difficult to tell, but clearly, not be much different from the general properties of yogurt.


That does not mean a series of hair growing under his nose, but this is the Mustache local specialty drinks like the Mongols of Central Asia, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan made from horse milk. Horse milk? Yes, because the Central Asian region is mostly found as a pet horse.

Mustache is similar to kefir, the material is only just a little different, if not exactly unique. Very high horse milk lactose, although not as rich as cow's milk in the affairs of fat and protein.

Traditionally, this mustache is made by putting milk into a pouch that is usually made from horse skin, and then hung in front of the house. Uniquely, because everyone understands it right, they will help make Mustache with this bag shaken, how? Every time passed near a camera, passers-by will hit the bag before, so that bacteria and yeast that are processing this horse milk will continue to mix and does not clot.

Mixture of bacteria and yeast were going to create a unique taste of this mustache. Bacteria would make sense of this milk becomes sour, while the yeast will make it soft mustache with a little alcohol content. If you still have time to remember China's martial arts series "archers PENDEKAR RAJAWALI" horse milk wine in that film is a call to the Mustache


Maybe this one food that is very foreign to our ears, it was not much food origin. Qurut actually a traditional soft cheese from the region of Central Asia as well! Qurut material is dried yogurt with the help of the sun. So in other words, is Qurut Yogurt cheese. Qurut is actually made by the nations of Central Asia as a way to preserve the yogurt, especially in central Asia which tend to have four seasons, and at the time of milk and other foods hard to find, for example during the winter ahead.

Qurut manufacturing method begins by making the milk into yogurt. After the milk into yogurt and yogurt will be boiled for several hours to reduce water content. After a cold, then the results of this yogurt stew will be made into a 'brick' is finally dried small dry

I was so dry, it will Qurut very hard and finally difficult and not very delicious eaten straight, for hard and very sour taste. So hard, it finally just Qurut enjoyed as a food (or drink) with small broken up, and then boiled until dissolved in water and drink or add to foods such as soup or sauce.

The material is easy, and our country is abundant with the milk, why do not you try to make your own? It must be better and healthier

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Armani Prepare Substitute

IN the world of fashion, especially fashion house, being an artistic director as a leading designer is crucial.

The reason, the designer will be drafting a trend that will bring the brand to greatness or even fall into contempt. Therefore, the topic of place successor aqua a designer whose name has been attached to a particular brand has always been a hot topic discussed.

Gucci had Tom Ford is identical to change course now becomes younger thanks to the touch and hippy cold hands Frida Giannini, the brand Versace is attached to celebrity after being in the hands of Donatella Versace who replaced his brother, Gianni.

Valentino fashion house was not successful in the hands of Fachinetti Alessandra later retreated after survived for two seasons and replaced by in-house designers. Right to know the condition.

King Giorgio, who became artistic director for Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani, Armani Prive, and Armani Exchange, also said he is preparing a successor to continue the royal fashion. This decision was taken after Armani hepatitis and hospitalized for several days following a work schedule were too crowded.

"I had prepared the staff to continue my work," said the designer who is now 75-year-old.

"I realized I was not immortal. There will be certain times when we must give up everything," said the man who often dressed in black this.

In the fashion industry, Armani is not a small name. Giorgio Armani brand is the largest in Italy and thanks to the flamboyant business style but firm; Armani achieved global appreciation of the network flagship boutiques and stores in major cities around the world.

However, Armani seemed to realize that he was no longer young even though his spirits smolder. The proof, since out of the hospital, Armani directly alter the company management and delegate some work to alleviate their responsibility in the company so he could better focus on his health.

As for the business side, the Armani Group is not immune to the crisis that hit the world during the last year. Deputy General Manager, Giorgio Armani said John Hooks, Armani's sales declined, but the company survived thanks to the accessories and perfume lines that continue to survive.

"In fact, I might mention that Armani will keep running the same speed next year. We're still going to open 50 new stores in 2010," he said.

Recently, Armani opened a new store in Moscow. Hooks says that Russia is a huge market for luxury products and has proven resilience to the crisis.

"Armani's annual sales in Russia remain in the range of 5 percent despite the crisis. It shows that consumer interest in Russia remained faithful, especially considering the U.S. and European markets are very devastated," he said.

In addition, supporting the acquisition of profit, once again wed Armani fashion and technology with the launch of ecommerce fashion.

The user's iPhone, Blackberry, Android, and mobile phone users high-end shoppers can instantly latest Emporio Armani collection online, directly from their mobile phone. E-commerce platform will be launched on November 25, coming simultaneously throughout the world

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Many people are not satisfied with the form that he had stomach. Even those who are slender often complain that his stomach was full and "bloated" and are sometimes seen billowing. Most of the bloated stomach due to the basic factors which if diet and lifestyle.

Here are some ways to smooth this:

> Drinking Water

> Reduce salt intake

> Eat slowly

> Consumption of the proper fiber

> Keep an eye treatment

> Avoid constipation

> Sports

Monday, October 26, 2009

Life in Jakarta

Life in Jakarta

Why is Jakarta city growing so fast? Where are all these people coming from? They are coming to the city from the countries. Life is hard on the farms in the countries. Most people on farms have to live very simple life. They have no extra money for modern things. People think life in the city is much better. So they leave their farms and move to Jakarta.
Jakarta is the center of everything. State’s life is controlled in this city. It is the center of trade and commerce, industries, and services. It has many places of interest accompanied by abundant entertainment. Indeed, Jakarta also provides the most job opportunities. That is why people of many countries have been moving to Jakarta to earn the living. More people enter the city so that it is crowded. We can easily see its density from the traffic.
Have you ever been in a traffic jam? It is a bad experience and it is not an easy one to forget. Trucks, buses, taxis, and car stand bumper to bumper and the drivers blow their horns. Cars move slowly or can not move at all.
Traffic jams are common in big cities. It is very busy in the rush hour. The peak of the rush hour is from seven to nine in the morning when many people are going to work, and in the afternoon when they are going home. Cars bring people to the cities cause major traffic problems in parking areas and city streets.
The living in big cities is hard that everyone tries to be earlier than the others, to be faster in getting opportunities that yield money. Everyone always has to be awake, strong and highly motivated to do everything in order to survive. No time for ‘sleeping’, and ‘slowness’. Everyone has to work hard and move quickly. Slow movement will get nothing. The condition of tense is easily found here, in the big cities.
Ok, now answer my question!
For you who live in the countries and small towns, do you find such condition different???

Teenagers and Internet

Teenagers and Internet

When he wanted to know what time the movie played, the teens went to the internet. When he wanted to know the latest sports scores, they go to the internet. When we want to help with homework, they go to the internet. They went to the internet when they want to connect with friends, downloading (download) music, shopping for the latest fashion, see more of their favorite pop star, or learn what language is used in Senegal. Some teens even use the Internet to express their most intimate secrets in order to read people around the world.
Who would have thought in the 20th century, a 'super tool' can be created, a tool that allows us to speak with people in other countries without the cost of long distance connections, a tool which allows us to buy products without having to go to the store, which provides tools information about almost any topic without having to go to the library. The Internet is a wonderful invention, a tool that opens the door to the possibility-maybe surprising. Like the way friend who might be said, 'internet ruling!!!'''
The Internet has become such an important part of the lives of young children. Hard to believe that the World Wide Web, which along with the e-mail ranked as the most popular Internet feature, also new to teens. What is now called the Internet was born in 1969 as a system funded by the U.S. government called ARPANET, which linked only four computers, at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), University of California at Santa Barbara, University of Utah, and Stanford research institutions (Stanford Research Institute / SRI). The main internet messages, between UCLA and SRI, also the first message failed.
For more than two decades after that, only a few academics and computer experts who do online. Doing logged in (log on), send an e-mail, and digging requires the user to type a long series of commands that complicated. Then the idea in 1991, a team at the European Particle Physics Laboratory (CERN), headed by Berbers Lee's team developed a computer system connected through a link (hyperlink) which they call the World Wide Web. Two years later, Mosaic, which is a browser (browser) first with graphics interface (graphics interface), made using the web as easy as pointing and clicking. It is the beginning of the communication revolution. Mosaic first year, grew web traffic and 341.634% in 1995, web services beyond "Internet time" such as FTP and Telnet. E-mail program point and click too become popular, eliminating the need to learn a series of computer commands only to send a message to a friend.
Around the year 1995 that young children start doing online in large numbers. Internet has become a center of youth media activities. The Internet is the main medium for information, product information, valuable information, the school needs. . . . They will never read a newspaper to see the movie schedule.
With the incredible popularity, internet usage among teens raises some questions. Where young children go on the web? How they use e-mail, instant messaging and chat rooms to connect with friends or even strangers? Why do so many teenagers who create their blog to write about a variety alone and issues ranging from politics to their private lives? And how big a difference between "the rich" and s "the poor" digital? You can find the answers themselves.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Whai is the most difficult thing for an overseas student in Britain? many will say that it is "breaking the ice" with British people. Unlike Americans who are open and friendly, British are reserved. They are quiet people, don't like intruding on another person's personal space, and value privacy very much. They are not very 'generous' with their smiles . in Indonesia, friendliness is expressed by smile. you are always surronded by people who do not hesitate to give you big smiles . Yet, there are some topics that can almost guarantee success in opening a conversation with British people. One common topic is talking the weather. If you say, "it's freezing (very cold) outside." followed by "winter came too early this year," this usually elicit at least a smile from another person. You may hear, "what is the weather like in your country?" to which you can reply,"Always warm and sunny". The British are often envious of people who come from place with pleasant wether. When the sun does actually apear, people are tempted to stay outside. they use the fine wether as an excuse to abandon their work. "It's too nice to stay inside" is the typical explanation. Football (soccer) and Cricket are very popular in Britain and these are popular conversation topics. these are always planty of things to say about these sports concerning the teams, players, and matches. Reserved as they say seem, the British are very hospitable. when you buy them a drink, they will insist on playing for the next. Making a friend or friends among British people during the first week is usually imposible. You need time to understand what they are saying. They don't speak with standard pronunciation. While we, Indonesians and other foreigners have usually trained our ears (listening comprehension) to understend pronunciation.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Here are a few helpful hints about American table manners.

Dos: 1. Always place your napkin on your lap.
2. Dinner cofersation is important in the U.S. you should take part in this conversation.

Don'ts: 1. Never put your napkin on the table during the meal.
2. Do not begin to eat until everyone is served.
3. Do not eat with your elbows on the table. It is very impolite to bend over your plate as you eat.
4. Never 'slurp' your soup. Americans are shocked by 'noise'.
5. Do not talk when your mouth is full.
6. Please that Americans do not use toothpicks at the table.

unfortunately, not all Americans have good table manners. Nevertheless, with good table manners, you will always culturally correct.


Many of the anciet peopleof europe marked the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter by celebreting a holiday in late autumn. the most important of these holidays that influence later halloween customs was samhain. A holiday observed by the ancient celts. A tribal people who inhabited most of western and central europe in the first millennium BC. among the celts, samhain marked the end of the year and the beginning of the next. It was the one of four celtic holidays linked to important transition in the anual cycle of season.
Samhain began at sundown on October 31 and extended inti the following day. According to the pagan religion, knows as Druidism, the spirits of those who had died in the preceding year roamed the earth on samhain evening. The celts sought to ward off these spirits with offerings of food and drink. bonfires at sacred hilltop stter and performed rituals. Often involving human and animal sacrifices. To honor druid deitses.
In Britain, romans blended local samhain customs with their own pagan harvest festifal honoring pamona, goddess of fruit trees. some schoolars suggested that the game of bobbing for applies derives from this roman association of the holiday with fruit.
In British folklore, small magical begins knows as fairies became associated with halloween himchief. The jack-o-lantern originally carved from a large turnip rather than a pumpkin, originated in medieval scotland. various methods of predicting the future, especially conserning matters of romance and marriage, were also prominent features of halloween throughout the British isles.
Between 15th and 17th centuries, Europe was seized by a hysterical fear of witches, leading to the persecution of thousands of innocent women. Witches were thought to ride flying brooms and to assume the form of black cats. These images of witches soon joined other European superstitions as symbols of halloween.

Friday, October 9, 2009


Credit cards have many advantages as a mean of payment. The most practical benefit of thes magacal plastic cards are that the cardholders don't need the carry cash. Our credit cards enable us to get cash in advance from an authorized bank or from at ATM. Yet, with all their benefits, having a credit cards involving some risk. It is likely to happen that cardholders tend to spend more money then he or she should or can afford to. Cards come handy when we buy on impulse. with a credit card, we can buy for things in an emergency without having to wait for our-of-month paycheck. who is not lured by the 'but-now-pay-later' concept? actually, when you use a credit card , you buy on credit, which mean that you have to pay interest. and like other bank loans, your debts will swiftly add up if you fail to make the regular monthly payments.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fitnes-simple exercise


makes your stomach muscles. This exercise works best in the upper and lower abdominal muscles you. Simple way: Lie on your back with your feet up a few centimeters from the floor. Bend your knees slightly. Grasp the handle of a broom or stick with your hands. Remember, the position of the arms should be straight over your head. Crunch on the torso do the same with you do pull the knee. Keep a broom handle that you hold over your knee toward your chest pull. Hold, and return to the starting position. Perform 12 reps.

OK ... Good luck...!

Monday, January 5, 2009

vegan vegetarian diet of raw living foods

egan vegetarian diet of raw living foods is followed by a person who eats no meat, and no animal products (milk, eggs. etc.); especially one who advocates a diet of only vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds and grains as the proper one for all people for reasons of health or because of principles opposing the killing of animals for food. Additionally, the part that refers to raw living foods is composed of sprouted greens, seeds, nuts, and green juices from wheatgrass, sunflower, green pea sprouts, celery, etc.

The health industry uses other definitions of vegetarianism such as lacto-ovo vegetarians who eat no meat, fish, or poultry, but do eat eggs and dairy-products such as milk, cheese, butter, yogurt, etc. a natural-hygienist is the same as a vegan but eats nothing cooked. And a living-fooder is the same as a natural hygienist, with particular emphasis on the consumption of enzyme-rich sprouted seeds and grains.

Health-Related Reasons for A Vegan Vegetarian Diet

Studies have shown that - historically, throughout the world - the people who live longest are primarily vegetarians. Others eat very little meat by today’s standards. Relevant research always reveals that vegetarians enjoy a superior level of health.

1. Experiments - conducted at Yale University - involving the performance of vegetarian athletes have demonstrated that those athletes can engage in vigorous activity 2-3 times longer than meat-eaters, and recover from exhaustion in one-fifth the time.

2. During World War II, sever meat-shortages throughout the world forced people to adopt a diet that was primarily-vegetarian. Much to everyone’s surprise, diet-related death-rates diminished dramatically and there was a significant decrease in disease.

3. From an article about heart disease in the June 3, 1961 issue of The Journal of the American Medical Association: “A vegetarian diet ban prevent 90% of thrombo-embolic disease (clot obstruction in veins) and 97% of coronary occlusions (closed veins and arteries)”.

4. Studies among Seventh Day Adventists - most of whom are vegetarians - show that they have half as many incidents of degenerative disease as the rest of the population.

Learn about my personal story applying and discovering the amazing benefits of a vegan vegetarian diet of raw living foods that is part of the Hippocrates Health Lifestyle. Cindy Soto is a Certified Health Educator from Hippocrates Health Institute.