Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Many people are not satisfied with the form that he had stomach. Even those who are slender often complain that his stomach was full and "bloated" and are sometimes seen billowing. Most of the bloated stomach due to the basic factors which if diet and lifestyle.

Here are some ways to smooth this:

> Drinking Water

> Reduce salt intake

> Eat slowly

> Consumption of the proper fiber

> Keep an eye treatment

> Avoid constipation

> Sports

Monday, October 26, 2009

Life in Jakarta

Life in Jakarta

Why is Jakarta city growing so fast? Where are all these people coming from? They are coming to the city from the countries. Life is hard on the farms in the countries. Most people on farms have to live very simple life. They have no extra money for modern things. People think life in the city is much better. So they leave their farms and move to Jakarta.
Jakarta is the center of everything. State’s life is controlled in this city. It is the center of trade and commerce, industries, and services. It has many places of interest accompanied by abundant entertainment. Indeed, Jakarta also provides the most job opportunities. That is why people of many countries have been moving to Jakarta to earn the living. More people enter the city so that it is crowded. We can easily see its density from the traffic.
Have you ever been in a traffic jam? It is a bad experience and it is not an easy one to forget. Trucks, buses, taxis, and car stand bumper to bumper and the drivers blow their horns. Cars move slowly or can not move at all.
Traffic jams are common in big cities. It is very busy in the rush hour. The peak of the rush hour is from seven to nine in the morning when many people are going to work, and in the afternoon when they are going home. Cars bring people to the cities cause major traffic problems in parking areas and city streets.
The living in big cities is hard that everyone tries to be earlier than the others, to be faster in getting opportunities that yield money. Everyone always has to be awake, strong and highly motivated to do everything in order to survive. No time for ‘sleeping’, and ‘slowness’. Everyone has to work hard and move quickly. Slow movement will get nothing. The condition of tense is easily found here, in the big cities.
Ok, now answer my question!
For you who live in the countries and small towns, do you find such condition different???

Teenagers and Internet

Teenagers and Internet

When he wanted to know what time the movie played, the teens went to the internet. When he wanted to know the latest sports scores, they go to the internet. When we want to help with homework, they go to the internet. They went to the internet when they want to connect with friends, downloading (download) music, shopping for the latest fashion, see more of their favorite pop star, or learn what language is used in Senegal. Some teens even use the Internet to express their most intimate secrets in order to read people around the world.
Who would have thought in the 20th century, a 'super tool' can be created, a tool that allows us to speak with people in other countries without the cost of long distance connections, a tool which allows us to buy products without having to go to the store, which provides tools information about almost any topic without having to go to the library. The Internet is a wonderful invention, a tool that opens the door to the possibility-maybe surprising. Like the way friend who might be said, 'internet ruling!!!'''
The Internet has become such an important part of the lives of young children. Hard to believe that the World Wide Web, which along with the e-mail ranked as the most popular Internet feature, also new to teens. What is now called the Internet was born in 1969 as a system funded by the U.S. government called ARPANET, which linked only four computers, at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), University of California at Santa Barbara, University of Utah, and Stanford research institutions (Stanford Research Institute / SRI). The main internet messages, between UCLA and SRI, also the first message failed.
For more than two decades after that, only a few academics and computer experts who do online. Doing logged in (log on), send an e-mail, and digging requires the user to type a long series of commands that complicated. Then the idea in 1991, a team at the European Particle Physics Laboratory (CERN), headed by Berbers Lee's team developed a computer system connected through a link (hyperlink) which they call the World Wide Web. Two years later, Mosaic, which is a browser (browser) first with graphics interface (graphics interface), made using the web as easy as pointing and clicking. It is the beginning of the communication revolution. Mosaic first year, grew web traffic and 341.634% in 1995, web services beyond "Internet time" such as FTP and Telnet. E-mail program point and click too become popular, eliminating the need to learn a series of computer commands only to send a message to a friend.
Around the year 1995 that young children start doing online in large numbers. Internet has become a center of youth media activities. The Internet is the main medium for information, product information, valuable information, the school needs. . . . They will never read a newspaper to see the movie schedule.
With the incredible popularity, internet usage among teens raises some questions. Where young children go on the web? How they use e-mail, instant messaging and chat rooms to connect with friends or even strangers? Why do so many teenagers who create their blog to write about a variety alone and issues ranging from politics to their private lives? And how big a difference between "the rich" and s "the poor" digital? You can find the answers themselves.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Whai is the most difficult thing for an overseas student in Britain? many will say that it is "breaking the ice" with British people. Unlike Americans who are open and friendly, British are reserved. They are quiet people, don't like intruding on another person's personal space, and value privacy very much. They are not very 'generous' with their smiles . in Indonesia, friendliness is expressed by smile. you are always surronded by people who do not hesitate to give you big smiles . Yet, there are some topics that can almost guarantee success in opening a conversation with British people. One common topic is talking the weather. If you say, "it's freezing (very cold) outside." followed by "winter came too early this year," this usually elicit at least a smile from another person. You may hear, "what is the weather like in your country?" to which you can reply,"Always warm and sunny". The British are often envious of people who come from place with pleasant wether. When the sun does actually apear, people are tempted to stay outside. they use the fine wether as an excuse to abandon their work. "It's too nice to stay inside" is the typical explanation. Football (soccer) and Cricket are very popular in Britain and these are popular conversation topics. these are always planty of things to say about these sports concerning the teams, players, and matches. Reserved as they say seem, the British are very hospitable. when you buy them a drink, they will insist on playing for the next. Making a friend or friends among British people during the first week is usually imposible. You need time to understand what they are saying. They don't speak with standard pronunciation. While we, Indonesians and other foreigners have usually trained our ears (listening comprehension) to understend pronunciation.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Here are a few helpful hints about American table manners.

Dos: 1. Always place your napkin on your lap.
2. Dinner cofersation is important in the U.S. you should take part in this conversation.

Don'ts: 1. Never put your napkin on the table during the meal.
2. Do not begin to eat until everyone is served.
3. Do not eat with your elbows on the table. It is very impolite to bend over your plate as you eat.
4. Never 'slurp' your soup. Americans are shocked by 'noise'.
5. Do not talk when your mouth is full.
6. Please that Americans do not use toothpicks at the table.

unfortunately, not all Americans have good table manners. Nevertheless, with good table manners, you will always culturally correct.


Many of the anciet peopleof europe marked the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter by celebreting a holiday in late autumn. the most important of these holidays that influence later halloween customs was samhain. A holiday observed by the ancient celts. A tribal people who inhabited most of western and central europe in the first millennium BC. among the celts, samhain marked the end of the year and the beginning of the next. It was the one of four celtic holidays linked to important transition in the anual cycle of season.
Samhain began at sundown on October 31 and extended inti the following day. According to the pagan religion, knows as Druidism, the spirits of those who had died in the preceding year roamed the earth on samhain evening. The celts sought to ward off these spirits with offerings of food and drink. bonfires at sacred hilltop stter and performed rituals. Often involving human and animal sacrifices. To honor druid deitses.
In Britain, romans blended local samhain customs with their own pagan harvest festifal honoring pamona, goddess of fruit trees. some schoolars suggested that the game of bobbing for applies derives from this roman association of the holiday with fruit.
In British folklore, small magical begins knows as fairies became associated with halloween himchief. The jack-o-lantern originally carved from a large turnip rather than a pumpkin, originated in medieval scotland. various methods of predicting the future, especially conserning matters of romance and marriage, were also prominent features of halloween throughout the British isles.
Between 15th and 17th centuries, Europe was seized by a hysterical fear of witches, leading to the persecution of thousands of innocent women. Witches were thought to ride flying brooms and to assume the form of black cats. These images of witches soon joined other European superstitions as symbols of halloween.

Friday, October 9, 2009


Credit cards have many advantages as a mean of payment. The most practical benefit of thes magacal plastic cards are that the cardholders don't need the carry cash. Our credit cards enable us to get cash in advance from an authorized bank or from at ATM. Yet, with all their benefits, having a credit cards involving some risk. It is likely to happen that cardholders tend to spend more money then he or she should or can afford to. Cards come handy when we buy on impulse. with a credit card, we can buy for things in an emergency without having to wait for our-of-month paycheck. who is not lured by the 'but-now-pay-later' concept? actually, when you use a credit card , you buy on credit, which mean that you have to pay interest. and like other bank loans, your debts will swiftly add up if you fail to make the regular monthly payments.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fitnes-simple exercise


makes your stomach muscles. This exercise works best in the upper and lower abdominal muscles you. Simple way: Lie on your back with your feet up a few centimeters from the floor. Bend your knees slightly. Grasp the handle of a broom or stick with your hands. Remember, the position of the arms should be straight over your head. Crunch on the torso do the same with you do pull the knee. Keep a broom handle that you hold over your knee toward your chest pull. Hold, and return to the starting position. Perform 12 reps.

OK ... Good luck...!